WHERE THE SKIN LIES (2017) Reviews and overview


‘When your number is up’

Where the Skin Lies is a 2017 British horror thriller film directed by Michaël Boucherie from a screenplay co-written with David Boucherie. The Signwriter Films/Animal Tank production stars Tristan Beint, Amelia Bennett and Simon Rivers.

Six friends, bound together by a traumatic experience, travel up to the Scottish Lowlands for a relaxing reunion weekend. Soon a number of mysterious and horrifying events start to expose the cracks in their relationships.

One by one they discover, through their tattoos, that trust runs but skin-deep and as day turns into night, not everyone will survive the ‘Game of Death’ they are forced to play…

The film had its world premiere in London at the Horror Channel FrightFest on 26 August 2017.


” …with some gruesome moments (including a bloody bit of self-inflicted tattoo removal) and a few decent gags (a key horror movie quote is interrupted with a scalpel in the face and a heartfelt ‘wanker’).  The backstory is slightly more complex than it needs to be, with much talk of the guy who was killed in the robbery and revelations late in the day that not everyone in the group is an innocent victim… The Kim Newman Web Site

“Very much more a rough draft than an actual film, I hope what we saw was a rough cut because this needs a hell of a lot of work to get it into shape – crucial shots are missing and the dialogue needs some serious work.” John Llewellyn Probert, House of Mortal Cinema

Main cast:

Tristan Beint, Amelia Bennett, Simon Rivers, Louise Williams, Georgia Winters, Nathan Wright, Clive Russell.

Running time and aspect ratio:

91 minutes | 2.35: 1

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