FANGED UP (2017) Reviews and overview

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Fanged Up is a 2017 British comedy horror feature film directed by Christian James (Stalled; Freak Out) from a screenplay written by Nick Nevern, Daniel O’Reilly and Dan Palmer. The movie stars Daniel O’Reilly, Lauren Socha and Steven Berkoff.


A wrongfully arrested lovable rogue (Daniel O’Reilly) is thrown into a high-security prison for the weekend when his blood group is revealed to be very rare.

Once incarcerated in the slammer, it seems there’s no way out alive as the warden is a top-level bloodsucker, the guards are his pet zombies and the inmates are their unwilling victims…


“Berkoff and Socha go wildly over the top, but ought to bring more menace to their roles for horror-comedy bite and skipping a major action scene with a jump cut and a throwaway ‘well, that was easier than we thought’ draws attention to limited resources rather than getting a quick laugh…” The Kim Newman Web Site

“While the jokes may not always land well with everyone’s sense of humour, the horror set pieces should be right up most gorehound’s street. They used twelve gallons of fake blood during the shoot and it shows […] there’s real invention in the more gruesome moments.” Britflicks

“O’Reilly’s immature protagonist is endearing enough, and the last half hour in particular showcases lots of splatter (with an unwelcome CGI element), but the script is dominated by laboured running gags (“What’s a cranny?”), resorting to gay jokes when all else fails. It’s seldom funny, despite the game efforts of the leads…” Horrorscreams Videovault

“While Fanged Up is a comedy, it doesn’t short the horror part of the equation. There’s plenty of gore including a vampire that keeps going after a shotgun blast to the midsection. And in a nod to Raiders of the Lost Ark, a trio of Nazi goons get melted.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

  • Daniel O’Reilly … Jimmy Ragsdale
  • Danielle Harold … Katie Makepeace – Monster (2018)
  • Stu Bennett … Victor Stanczyk
  • Vas Blackwood … Shifty
  • Stephen Marcus … Reeves
  • Steven Berkoff … Governor Payne – Transhuman; Slave Girls; KongaLauren
  • Socha … Ms Renfield
  • Chris R. Wright … Craig Patric
  • Huw Samuel … Alex Jason
  • Roland Manookian … Albert
  • Joe Egan … Brute
  • Terry Stone … Howard Storm
  • Ewen MacIntosh … Bob the Patient – Last Village on the Right; Killer Weekend; Shed of the Dead; K-Shop
  • Arron Crascall … Doctor Tom Wallace
  • Joe Charman … Cell Guard
  • Stuggy … Janitor
  • Gou Tube … Bus Ogre Tod
  • Sue Graham … Grace the Dinner Lady
  • Anto Sharp … Vamp Guard
  • Lucy Pinder … Kathyn
  • Ian Reddington … Francis the Bus Driver
  • Stevo Stmm … Joel the Clerk
  • Amber Doig-Thorne … Kelly
  • Darren Luckin … Neo-Nazi


Fanged Up had its world premiere in London at the Horror Channel FrightFest on 25 August 2017.

Altitude Films released Fanged Up in the UK on DVD on July 30, 2018.

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