GROTBAGS (1991 – 1993) TV series


Grotbags is a British television series about a fictional witch called Grotbags, who was a popular fixture on children’s TV during the 1980s and early 1990s.

A character sculpted very much in the mould of the traditional pantomime villain, Grotbags was always played by actress and singer Carol Lee Scott in a costume comprising distinctive vivid green makeup and a witch’s cape and hat.

The witch character Grotbags originally appeared in Rod Hull’s Emu’s World. In 1991, Grotbags was given her own spin-offs series after Emu’s World was axed by Central Television.

The Grotbags series was created by puppeteer Richard Coombs and Carol Lee Scott around an idea of a puppet series. The scripts for the series were written by Bob Hescott and directed by Colin Clews.

Each episode rotated around Grotbags and her minions at cobweb-filled Gloomy Fortress, and their day-to-day lives. The series, which also featured the characters Croc (a crocodile), tin butler Robot Redford and manservant Grovel, featured panto-style singing and dancing and spawned the catchphrase: “There’s somebody at the door!”

After news that Grotbags star Carol Lee Scott had died on 3 July 2017, fans commented on Twitter.

One wrote: “Rest in peace Grotbags. You made my early years awesome. I was so scared of you!”

Another said: “Daleks. Zelda. Skeletor. Nothing – NOTHING – terrified me quite like Grotbags. Bravo! #RIPCarolLeeScott.”

Principal characters:

  • Grotbags, the cantankerous witch
  • Colin the Bat: a stupid bat who cannot fly very well
  • Doris the Dodo: the last dodo, rescued by Grotbags from a desert island
  • Norman Nettle: a grumpy nettle plant
  • Grumble: Grotbags’ cauldron
  • Lumpy: a gremlin who lives in Grumble

Posted in tribute to actress Carol Lee Scott, who died on 3 July 2017.

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