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‘When you drive by a graveyard, don’t ever forget…’

Hold Your Breath – stylized as #HoldYourBreath – is a 2012 American supernatural horror feature film directed by Jared Cohn (The Domicile; Devil’s Domain; Little Dead Rotting Hood; 12/12/12) from a screenplay by Geoff Meed and Kenny Zinn. Katrina BowdenRandy Wayne and Erin Marie Hogan star.


1956: Van Hausen, a serial killer with a German accent, is executed in the electric chair with some of his victims’ family members watching. He breaks free and manages to kill one of the officers before another officer finally puts him on the chair.

The present day: A group of friends are taking a road trip including Jerry (Katrina Bowden), Johnny (Randy Wayne), Jerry’s sister Samantha (Lisa Younger), Kyle (Seth Cassell), Natasha (Erin Marie Hogan), Heath (Jordan Pratt-Thatcher) and Tony (Brad Slaughter).

While driving near a cemetery Jerry starts to freak out and tells everyone to hold their breath saying that evil spirits can possess them if they don’t. Everyone does except Kyle who is smoking pot, Unfortunately, this allows the spirit of Van Hausen to possess him…

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Reviews [click links to read more]:

” …the film is still a fun watch, despite some moronic characters. Is having sex in a morgue really a good idea? The film’s ending stands out for offering some interesting suspense, while the film’s supernatural rules ground the film in a dramatic reality. Hold Your Breath is a popcorn movie that will entertain most horror fans.” 28 Days Later Analysis

“When the characters are possessed the only sign seems to be a strangely sinister smile just before they do anything bad […] I have no problem with cliché ridden slasher films that simply deliver what they set out to do but here the story is too confused and the action too laboured to really satisfy.” HNN

“Have people gouge out eyes is something that looks rather nice with the practical effects, the blood looked good. I think that if they kept up with those effects then it would have been an awesome movie. The CG is where this falls apart. There is a woman who gets ripped in half would have been an awesome scene except that the CG looked bad.” Oh the Terror

“Fortunately, the cast seems to at least #enjoy the roller coaster of #fear and the opportunity, for many of them, to #portray both #heroes and #villains in the same movie. The end result is a #decentHorrorromp that may not be #original but that is at least a little more than a useless #timekiller. That’s about all one can #askfor with #TheAsylum.” Blu-ray.com

” …boy howdy is this film packed to the brim with twists and turns. Also major props for a sex scene within the first twenty minutes featuring a couple going at it on a morgue table. Twisted fun stuff fills the 90 minutes running time, sh*t gets nasty fast. Even a few sequences had this gorehound wincing… two words: car battery.” Cinema Head Cheese

Hold Your Breath can’t decide if it wants to exist in the 80’s or 2010’s, let alone if it wants to be a comedy or a horror flick. When all these collide it results in instances of hilarity, boredom and stupidity. With characters changing their stances in every new situation, nothing can be guessed by the audience, and everything feels made-up on the spot.” Move Mavs

“Terrible story, script, acting… oh! Gratuitous nudity! Don’t worry kids, there’s plenty! Whether it be the love scene where we see Erin Marie Hogan wearing some weird butt thong belt outfit or Lisa Younger be tied up (topless, of course) to a tree and cut in half with barbed wire, there’s boobs a plenty!” The Wolfman Cometh

Cast and characters:

  • Katrina Bowden as Jerry – Primal Rage; Scary Movie 5; Nurse 3DPiranha 3DDTucker & Dale Vs. Evil
  • Randy Wayne as Johnny
  • Erin Marie Hogan as Natasha
  • Keith Allan as Van Hausen
  • Steve Hanks as McBride
  • Joshua Michael Allen as Young McBride
  • Brad Slaughter as Tony
  • Seth Cassell as Kyle
  • Darin Cooper as Warden Wilkes
  • Jordan-Pratt Thatcher as Heath
  • Lisa Younger as Samantha

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