FANG (2018) Reviews and overview


‘Meet the family’

Fang is a 2018 American horror feature film written and directed by Adam R. Steigert (A Grim Becoming; Ombis: Alien Invasion; Gore); it stars Melantha Blackthorne, Gregory Blair and Darren Barcomb.

After participating in a robbery turned murder, Chloe (Melodie Roehrig) and Joe (Theo Maefs) decided to hide out at a distant relative’s house only to find themselves stalked and hunted by creatures and forces unknown…

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” …I was hoping for a much bigger battle at the end and it never quite came to fruition. Saying that, I had fun with this. It was a blast, from quirky characters, to gore-filled scenes and a werewolf that wasn’t CGI!”

Fang isn’t a comedy. It just doesn’t take itself entirely seriously either and has fun playing with some genre tropes. Convenient coincidences that help move plots along get skewered repeatedly. There’s still plenty of jumps and mostly practical gore. The werewolf effects are kept to a minimum, but we do get several glimpses of it. The results aren’t bad for a film that was probably filmed on a low five-figure budget if that.” Voices from the Balcony

Main cast and characters:

Melantha Blackthorne … Doris Crowley – Krampus 2: The Devil Returns; Bloody Slumber Party; et al
Gregory Blair … Harold Pinter – Death House; Garden Party Massacre; Ooga Booga
Darren Barcomb  … Deputy Thomas – Crepitus; Krampus 2: The Devil Returns; Camp Killer
Jason John Beebe … Chris
Jennie Russo … Shelly
Johnny Stevenson … Ash Williams
Melodie Roehrig … Chloe Romero
Michael Zsiros … John
Patrick Mallette … Roy Crowley
Scott Emerling … Jason Hart
Christopher Burns Jr. … Eric
Theo Kemp … Joe Spencer
Norman Queeno … Nate ‘Lone Ranger’ Damien
Michael O’Hear … William Sanders