CROCODYLUS (2017) Overview


‘There’s nothing peaceful about peaceful creek’

Crocodylus is a 2017 American horror film directed by Myles Erfurth from a screenplay co-written with Michael Mclaren. The Stained Glass Eye Entertainment production stars Roberto Escobar, Mario Nalini and Nicholas Kolasinski.


A local farmer, Jack Straw, has unearthed a prehistoric skull and is fast to respond to the find. Sammy, the local news commentator, makes a call to her boyfriend, Matthew Debrie. A recently graduated palaeontologist, Matthew is quick on the scene. As he slowly polishes off the dirt, he is amazed to find that it is the skull of a monstrous Crocodylus, a Nile crocodile whose only evident existence was thought to be deep in the African continent.

Matthew calls his close friend, Doctor David Williams, a fellow Harvard student, who takes an immediate flight from New York to Pleasant Creek. On his arrival, all hell breaks loose as a young boy is savagely taken while he was fishing in the lake. A tooth lodged in the child’s buoyancy vest confirms a reptile but this was no alligator attack…

Cast and characters:

  • Antoni Corone … Chase
  • Noa Lindberg … Vanessa
  • Roberto Escobar … Conrad McAvoy
  • Courtney Dlugos … Katie
  • Patrick Fox … Doug ( Rancher)
  • Lee Silva … Voodooist
  • Katie Mackey … Priestess
  • James Ferrigno … Professor
  • Mario Nalini … Zak Winters
  • Adam e Ginsberg … Doctor Williams
  • Dawn Soleri
  • Constance Payne … Ashley
  • Diana D. Ambrosio … Jessica
  • Marty Marrero … Captive Sailor
  • Michael Mclaren … Lex
  • Danielle Atwood … Connie

Filming locations:

Miami, Mount Dora and Oakland Park, Florida