FALL OF GRACE (2017) Reviews and overview


‘Innocence ends tonight’

Fall of Grace is a 2017 American supernatural horror feature film directed by Michael Crum (Lake Fear 3; AnnaLake Fear) from a screenplay by Gerald Crum, who also stars, alongside Joshua Winch and Sheri Davis.

Opening plot:

A troubled couple’s lives descend into violence and madness after a demonic entity takes their daughter. When the demon takes their daughter to hell, in his desperation, the father conjures up another demon to hold it for ransom and get his daughter back. His intentions are honest, but in a father’s love, his choices may release more hell than he could ever imagine…


“Visually, it looks like strung-together offcuts retrieved from the cutting room floor after several people have walked on them. The best that can be said of the performers is that they can apparently remember their lines; they wouldn’t be out of place in a telenovela, yet lack the passion that might have won the film a camp following.” Eye for Film

“Shots of Jase interrogating his demon-possessed wife may be a little jarring in terms of story but with director Crum also serving as cinematographer, he crafts an atmospheric tone of dark hues, foreboding reds and eerie greens on which to paint his picture.” Horror Talk

“Great special effects and the perfect amount of gore. The writing and plot were both on point and had a great horror theme, which is what we all want to see. This movie is not for the faint of the heart.” Midnight Horror Show

” …the tone is suitably sombre and there’s some interesting visual touches but the film’s real strength is in the pulsating retro soundtrack and the use of sound effects.” My Bloody Reviews

” …I know I’m not going to forget this one for a long time to come. It was unconventional, bold, and the passion was clearly there. It is what it is: a solid indie flick that tried to do its own thing and push the envelope; and in that regard, it was very much a success.” Nevermore Horror

“It doesn’t work as a narrative, but, to give it credit, it does achieve a certain degree of atmosphere and, paradoxically, the low production values actually heighten the impact of a few moments.” Starburst

Main cast:

  • Joshua Winch … Jase
  • Sheri Davis … Tracy
  • Skyler Blodgett … Belle
  • Gerald Crum … Calem
  • Shanon Snedden … Cage Head Demon
  • Richard S. Blake … Luke
  • Devi Khajishvili … Dan
  • Rebekah Lynn Bruflodt … Liz
  • Rick Blodgett … Greg
  • Michael Cruz … Kyle
  • Josh Davis … Demon
  • Kevin A. Green … Fighter
  • Gilbert Hiracheta … Fighter
  • David Holder … Mouseman
  • Shannon Houk … Fighter

Running time:

81 minutes