LAKE FEAR 3 (2018) Reviews and overview

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‘It’s waiting…’

Lake Fear 3 – aka Lake Fear: Origin of Evil – is a 2018 American supernatural comedic horror feature film directed by Michael Crum (Fall of Grace; Anna; Allegiance of PowersLake Fear) from a screenplay by Gerald Crum. The MGI Films production stars KateLynn E. Newberry, Shanon Snedden, Joshua Winch and Devi Khajishvili.


Revel (Shanon Snedden) is looking for her missing sister Jordan with her best friend Chloe (KateLynn E. Newberry). A misdirected weekend adventure that Jordan took a few years ago has led to her disappearance after she encountered an evil entity in a cabin in the woods. Revel and Chloe enlist the help of Vincent (Devi Khajishvili), a failed paranormal TV series host, with the hopes of his ‘talents’ leading to their success.

Instead, they realise the evil unleashed a few years ago has become stronger and escaped the bounds of its original cabin. They also encounter Remington (Joshua Winch) the original finder and fighter of the evil who gives them some very unwanted and dire news. Will this group of mismatched personalities win the fight or suffer the unknown fate as many others before?


Lake Fear 3: Origin of Evil has a sinister atmosphere, truly unexpected turns, and buckets of blood that are all guaranteed to keep you entertained. I should also mention that it’s equal parts action-drama as it is horror […] A tremendous showing of talent, skill and understanding of ones story and product. Let this one get under your skin…” Horror Society

“While Lake Fear 3 isn’t the best indie horror film we have seen, it does show much improvement over the original that it is a sequel to. It was nice to see Joshua Winch reprise his role as Remington, and he was great in this. The writing and some of the shots were questionable from time-to-time, but Lake Fear 3 is a fun, gory, and imaginative effort…” Midnight Horror Show

Lake Fear 3 is gimcrack, kitschy and cheeky. Its humorous and entertaining if you are willing to sacrifice certain standards that you have come to expect from bigger names and budgets…”  Nevermore Horror

Cast and characters:

  • KateLynn E. Newberry … Chloe – Legend of Gore Orphanage; Death Metal; Mother Krampus 2: Slay Ride; The Curse of Lilith Ratchet; et al
  • Shanon Snedden … Revel – The Ouija Experiment 2: Theatre of Death; Fall of Grace; Lake Fear
  • Joshua Winch … Remington – Fall of Grace; Lake Fear; Demonic Pizza short
  • Devi Khajishvili … Vincent
  • James D. Pruitt … Bartender / Fish Monster
  • John Zetty … Old Man
  • Richard S. Blake … Douche / Derek
  • Jake Nicholodeon … Mirror Monster
  • Vandi Clark … Grandmother
  • Kevin A. Green … Theatre Worker
  • Anna Baumgartner … Girl in theatre
  • Helen Heer … Woman at Theatre
  • Samantha Heer … Girl at Theatre
  • Fred Keel … Man at Theatre
  • Liam Newton … Boy in theatre

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