DRIVE-THRU (2007) Reviews and overview

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‘Hungry for a killer meal?’

Drive-Thru – aka Drive Thru – is a 2007 American dark comedy horror feature film written and directed by Brendan Cowles and Shane Kuhn. It stars Leighton Meester and Nicholas D’Agosto.

Brandon Meeks (Edward DeRuiter), Tony (Haven Lamoureux) and their girlfriends, Brittany (Jessica Landon) and Tiffany (Nicole Cavazos) arrive at the fast food restaurant “Hella Burger”.

Upon placing an order at the drive-thru, the group are introduced to the restaurant’s mascot, Horny the Clown via intercom. The group is continuously insulted after Brandon mouths off to him, causing a furious Tony to enter. He searches the restaurant and hears a commotion coming from the kitchen.

After looking around in the walk-in cooler, Horny suddenly jumps out and attacks him across the room before dunking him face first in the deep fryer. Brandon soon enters, only to find Tony dead in the deep fryer much to his horror before he is attacked and murdered by Horny with a meat cleaver. Horny proceeds outside and brutally murders Brittany and Tiffany when they discover the bodies of their boyfriends in the backseat…


” …pointless post-millennial irony, that worthless wit that screenwriters consider comedy nowadays, along with a huge helping of callous characterization. Sure, the filmmakers have to give the villain something vile to vivisect, but in the case of this caustic cast, no one is worth supporting – or saving.” DVD Talk

“The killer is kinda weak too and he makes lame wisecracks like, “Fries are up!” and “Say cheese!” He sticks a dude’s face into the deep fryer, decapitates another guy, and sticks an axe in one guy’s head. Too bad a lot of the gore scenes are ruined by a lot of fake looking effects.” The Video Vacuum

“Kind of hard for me to rectify in my mind that the same guys who co-directed this movie with such professionalism from a technical standpoint also manufactured a screenplay that’s every bit as bad as any you’d find in so many of the amateurish slasher flicks that litter DVD shelves these days.” Dread Central

“The killings are rather random and there’s not much gore here. My biggest problem with the movie was… well… the entire story. Was the killer a ghost? This was never rectified. Given the supernatural messages which were sent to Mackenzie, he would have to be, but we never know for sure. Given the amount of detail which went into linking the victims, the vague ending is a let-down.” DVD Crypt 

“…a standard paint-by-numbers horror flick that falls short on being even the least bit frightening, falls short on humor but is high on head splitting, virginal final girls, and red tinted Karyo syrup. At least you know what you’re getting before you go in.” Film Critics United

Cast and characters:

  • Leighton Meester as Mackenzie Carpenter
  • Nicholas D’Agosto as Fisher Kent
  • Melora Hardin as Marcia Carpenter
  • Lola Glaudini as Detective Brenda Chase
  • Larry Joe Campbell as Detective Dwayne Crockers
  • Penn Badgley as Van
  • Rachael Bella as Starfire
  • Shedrack Anderson as Chuck Taylor
  • Sean Whalen as Eddie
  • Robert Curtis Brown as Bert McCandless
  • John Gilbert as Jack Benjamin
  • Maliabeth Johnson as Tina McCandless
  • Clyde Kusatsu as Fred Kukizaki
  • Edward DeRuiter as Brandon Meeks
  • Van De La Plante as Horny the Clown / Archie Benjamin
  • Sita Young as Val Espinoza
  • Haven Lamoureux as Tony
  • Paul Ganus as Bill Carpenter
  • Morgan Spurlock as Robbie
  • Gordon Clapp as Voice of the Horny The Clown

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