THE FORLORNED (2017) Reviews and overview


‘What’s done in the dark will be brought to the light’

The Forlorned is a 2017 supernatural horror feature film directed by Andrew Wiest (Dead Noon) from a screenplay co-written with co-producers Ryan Reed and Angela Townsend. The Good Outlaw Studios production stars Colton Christensen, Elizabeth Mouton and Cory Dangerfield.

An advertisement lures Tom Doherty (Colton Christensen) to a remote island, offering him a job renovating the old lighthouse and ramshackle buildings. What he didn’t know was that he was the only applicant. None of the locals wanted the job – no-one dared.

Isolated and alone, Tom soon discovers why. Messages from disembodied voices; ghostly visitations and escalating horrors draw Tom deeper into the island’s evil past-a darkness that forces Tom to unbury the truth and bring demons of his own into the light…


The Forlorned is an amiable, albeit bloke-orientated offering that may have made a passable short. Alas, there is simply not enough material here for a feature despite it being based upon a novel by Angela Townsend. And the hog references simply recall better movies such as Pigs and Evilspeak.


p class=”p1″>Although never slow, the story is steeped in tropes aplenty and when the “sauce” (alcohol) apparently begins to kick in we’re left the distinct impression that Colton Christensen’s character simply isn’t worse for wear. Or, indeed, as paranoid as he’s supposed to be. His acting is fine yet we are never drawn into his apparently terrifying situation or how it came about. It’s not really worth your time investigating why, unfortunately.
Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

Other reviews:

” …there are kernels of a good story. If it were re-structured (again, to make Amy the central focus) and put in the hands of better performers – it could be something far more memorable […] As is – with not so great performances, enough cliches to fill up an actual lighthouse, far too many pacing problems and missed opportunities… Horrorfreak News

“A Good Outlaw Studios hit every nail on the head here in terms of production, story, and casting. While it loses its pacing at times and becomes slow, it’s hard for me to find any other negative aspect except maybe I would have liked a little more horror? Still, The Forlorned is a good, old fashioned supernatural mystery, and it’s an above average book to film adaption.” Horror Society

Main cast:

  • Colton Christensen
  • Elizabeth Mouton (Dead Noon)
  • Cory Dangerfield
  • Robert Bear (Dead Noon)
  • Larry Laverty (Sisterhood of Death; House of Bedlam; The HamiltonsWrong Turn)
  • Robert Milo Andrus
  • Luke Dowler
  • Shawn Nottingham

Filming locations:

Flathead Valley, Montana


The Forlorned was released via Amazon Instant, iTunes, Xbox, Vimeo, Steam, Vudu, Google Play and other platforms by Midnight Releasing.


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