CORPSE GRINDERS II (2000) Reviews and overview


‘Cannibal cat-people from outer space!’

Corpse Grinders II – aka The Corpse Grinders II – is a 2000 American science fiction horror film written, produced, photographed, edited and directed by Ted V. Mikels (Blood Orgy of the She-Devils; The Astro-Zombies). The TVM Global Entertainment production stars Sean Morelli, Andy Freeman and Chuck Alford.

The film is obviously a belated sequel to Mikels’ The Corpse Grinders (1971).


Landau and Maltby, the nephews of the original owners of Lotus Cat Food “For cats who love people” start up the family business again. Duplicated from the original are the nurse and doctor characters as well as the greedy grave digger and his wacky wife. What’s added to the mix in this sequel are cat-like aliens!


In The Corpse-Grinders 2, Ted V. Mikels takes the plot of the first movie – and I mean the exact plot of the first movie – and makes one crucial change. Instead of all of the cats in town going berserk, they don’t! Get it? It’s genius! Also, Mikels adds a new element to this already incredibly plausible and realistic story – cat people from space.” Something Awful

“Overall, the picture’s a big mess, with a huge, largely sub-amateur cast of characters in a very loose collection of subplots. Many of the major roles are quite well-acted, with Morelli and Freeman, appropriately, the stand-outs – but the lower tiers are filled with the sort of performances that would not be tolerated in a community theater.” The Bad Movie Report

“Where the hell do I begin? The Acting is terrible. The Special Effects are terrible. The Production Design is terrible. There’s no incredibly-fake Presidential seal this time, but there’s plenty else to make fun of. The whole thing is not scary, funny or the least bit entertaining.” Mondo Bizarro

“You just stare at the screen for 100 minutes trying to make sense of the assault upon your eyes that is hitting you. This movie goes nowhere, is random as hell, throws everything in that makes no sense, and it is very much the original movie’s script reused – especially names! – and then with an added side movie with aliens on the side.” Triskaidekafiles

“If you’re not astounded by the camcorder level production values, the godawful special effects […] and the fact Mikels has managed to get almost everyone he knows to play a role in the film (including himself); then you’ll probably be too busy wondering how the movie looks even cheaper than the films Mikels made three decades prior.” The Video Graveyard

Main cast:

  • Sean Morelli as Landau – The Curse of All Hallows’ EveParanormal Extremes: Text Messages from the DeadAstro Zombies: M4Astro Zombies: M3Mark of the Astro-Zombies | Cauldron: Baptism of Blood
  • Andy Freeman as Maltby
  • Chuck Alford as Caleb – The Hollywood Strangler Meets the Skid Row Slasher
  • Liz Renay as Cleo – Mark of the Astro-Zombies; Blackenstein; Day of the Nightmare
  • Myron Natwick – Sickhouse | iZombie | Shallow Ground | Project Vampire
  • Shanti as Felina – Astro Zombies: M4Astro Zombies: M3 | Demon HauntMark of the Astro-Zombies | Cauldron: Baptism of Blood
  • Paul MacDonald as Dr Howard Glass
  • Cara Jo Basso as Angie
  • Ted V. Mikels as Professor Mikoff
  • Gene Paul Jones as Borath
  • Spike Measer as Ubock
  • Dolores Fuller as Patricia Grant – The Ironbound Vampire | Bride of the Monster Mesa of Lost Women
  • Philip Chamberlin as Mr Yonkers
  • Volmar Franz as Mr. Burnam
  • William G. Stone as Dean Russo

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