APOCALYPSE CULT aka APOCALYPTIC (2014) Reviews and overview


‘The end is here’

Apocalypse Cult aka Apocalyptic is a 2014 Australian found footage horror film written and directed by Glenn Triggs. The movie stars Jane Elizabeth Barry (A Night of Horror: Volume I), David Macrae (The Last Supper of the Damned), Tom McCathie and Geoff Pinfield.


While investigating the legend of a mysterious group of people living in the forest, a local news crew comes across an all-too-real doomsday cult.  Trapped in their grasp, the news crew must find a way to escape before they execute their final act of devotion…

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The film was released in North America on DVD, Cable VOD and Digital HD, including Amazon Instant and Google Play via Wild Eye Releasing on October 31, 2017.

Reviews [may contain spoilers]:

Apocalyptic is a slow-builder, but rewards the viewer’s patience with a pay-off that is pretty distressing and, sadly, rather believable […] The film often looks quite rustic and is often shrouded in fog, which adds an air of menace to the proceedings, in a Wicker Man kind of way.” Blueprint: Review

“Making great use of its natural woodland setting, overcast skies and fog milling amongst trees enhance the walled-in feeling of being somehow trapped in a wide-open space.  The film doesn’t contain much by way of jump from the dark boos, but the haunting creepiness of impending disaster drapes even the most innocuous actions.” Culture Crypt

“It goes from being a decent drama to the usual clichéd found-footage running around screaming accompanied by shots of the ground. Like The Sacrament it’s not particularly scary but there is a nice foreboding atmosphere to it. There are some lovely images of the rural landscape enveloped in mist giving the camp a very bleak feeling.” The Horror Asylum

“Well, the film work is pretty much what you expect from such a movie and you get the jerky camera, folks running and the like. But the story, as I already mentioned, lacks freshness. It’s just a case of ‘been there/done that’ and the ending is clearly what most folks watching the film are expecting.” Influx magazine

“Director/writer Glenn Triggs has captured the essence of the film style, wrapped in some traditional movie approaches, while avoiding the mistakes that are common in found footage. You will not be wondering why people are filming when things descend into chaos, where the other cameraman is that clearly shots some of the footage, or indeed why there is a score on a found footage feature.” Scary Minds

“It does have some gore towards the end, although that may give away too much. There is one scene very violent scene that might shock some who aren’t expecting it. Apocalyptic is a slow, brooding and at times creepy Australian flick that will be loved by those that want more psychological scares from a movie.” UK Horror Scene

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