THE NIGHT BEFORE (2017) Overview


‘Behind every mask there is a face’

The Night Before is a 2017 American horror suspense thriller film written and directed by Brett Bentman (Apocalypse Road). It stars Steven Michael Quezada, Rachel G. Whittle and Kimi Acosta.

On the night before Halloween, a single mother and her daughter are taken captive in a strange home…

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“The films slow burn nature and lack of action hurts it, especially when the tension levels constantly waver and on occasion don’t even hit at all. A lot of screen time was sucked up by Jasper’s mundane activities, where a successful substitute may have been some additional scenes that correlate to his foundation, particularly if there’s no killing.” Adam Weber, Adam the Movie God

Main cast:

  • Steven Michael Quezada … Detective Perez
  • Rachel G. Whittle … Kristina
  • Kimi Acosta … Penny
  • Tom Zembrod … The Mask
  • Tiffany McEvers … Rose
  • Eric Hanson … Michael
  • Chip Llorens … Captain Taft
  • Jill Waterston … Nurse
  • Drew Farmer … Trenton

Filming locations:
Dallas, Texas