Desperate Souls – Canada, 2005 – reviews


‘Chasing evil back to Hell’

Desperate Souls is a 2005 Canadian horror film written and directed by Chad Archibald (The Heretics; Bite; The Drownsman) and Philip Carrer (Death on Scenic Drive). Actor Ry Barrett (The Demolisher; Kill) provided additional dialogue. The movie stars R. Patrick Williams, Karen Boshart, and Buchanan Elliott.


Long protected by dark shadows and hidden by secrets, a tattered book of unspeakable power that was written by the ancient druids has survived on the Earth for centuries.

However, when a group of young orphans stumble upon the book and unleash its vengeful power through a bloody and selfish act, they could endanger the unsuspecting teens enjoying a weekend camping trip in the woods — or jeopardize their own lives…

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“The filmmakers use the common camera style of shaking the camera. This was supposed to make it scary-it doesn’t work. It makes the film really annoying. The acting is horrific, which to say the least the only horrific thing in the film.” What to Watch

“It had all the shoddy production values, cardboard acting and horrible video camera quality of most Asylum movies. The storyline was extremely hard to follow, and after a while I just stopped trying to make sense of it. I’m not even sure exactly how or why these teens were possessed by demons.” Ghoulie Guru

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