CHARLOTTE (2017) Reviews and overview


‘The doll behind the horror’

Charlotte is a 2017 American horror anthology film directed by Colin Campbell, John Edward Lee, Calvin Main, Corey Norman, Patrick Rea and April Wright.

The film consists of a compilation of shorts with a wraparound story. It was produced by Jesse Baget (Monsterland; Day of the Mummy; All Hallows Eve; et al). Jessi Burkette and John Edward Lee star.

A teenage girl is babysitting at a new house when she’s accosted by a vicious, possessed doll.

With the babysitter in bondage, the toy subjects her to a series of terrifying tales on the television, each story more grave than the last…

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” …if Patrick Rea did not have three shorts on this, it would have sucked so much worst. Patrick has two of his best shorts on here with ‘Get Off the Porch’ and ‘Howl of a Good Time’. […] The sad thing is, not one of these shorts really fit in the mood of this film.” Wicked Channel

“Usually these story compilation movies are pretty lame, however this one was more like Tales from the Crypt. Most of the individual stories were fairly clever. I recommend watching, although it is not very spooky, it is very entertaining.” Dickie Riggs

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“Ok, so it’s not a 100% rip-off of Annabelle, they steal from other movies too. The doll ties up the babysitter and shows her a series of “horror stories,” to torture her I guess.” Why I Love Movies