Family Possessions – USA, 2016 – overview and reviews

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‘Some family secrets should remain buried!’

Family Possessions is a 2016 American horror feature film written, edited, co-produced and directed by Tommy Faircloth (A Nun’s Curse; DollfaceCrinoline Head; Generation Ax). The Horse Creek Productions movie stars Jason Vail, Felissa Rose, Mark Patton and Leah Wiseman.


A young girl, Rachael Dunn (Leah Wiseman), inherits the mansion of her estranged grandmother. Rachael and her family move into the house to start a new life. However, once there strange and unexplained occurrences begin to happen.

Rachael uncovers a secret that had been hidden from her and she soon realizes that some family secrets should remain… buried.

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Family Possessions is a smartly written film that is filled with laughs, bloody kills, and (mostly) light-hearted horror. It’s a well-directed and shot horror-comedy that doesn’t tread any new ground, but brings with it a sense of fun and sincerity.” Bloody Disgusting

” …does an exceptional job rising above most formulaic haunted house movies by artfully blending elements of horror and comedy, camp and drama. It’s a film that’s part intriguing mystery thriller and part bloody slasher — an old school supernatural horror with plenty of satisfying twists and enough practical gore to keep things interesting until the shocking finale.” Morbidly Beautiful

Family Possessions uses several jump scares, but it also proffers far more than that, including eerie atmosphere, a sense of mystery, and a series of gruesome kills, some of which pay homage to slasher fare of the film’s 1980s forebears.” Gruesome magazine

“A very engaging cast with an intriguing story. Not original per se but handled in an original way. The ending was completely left field for me and shout out the filmmakers for the best visual gags to keep the movie from getting maudlin.” Alex on Letterboxd

Family Possessions whips up a creepy dose of psychological cinematic terror that has no bounds. The film is light on special effects which allowed for a generated suspense assorted with fear through what is suggested rather than what is seen. The town has a creepy gloominess that lingers throughout…” iHorror

Cast and characters:

  • Felissa Rose … Susan – LilithClawed; Victor Crowley; Death House; Lake of ShadowsSleepaway Camp
  • Mark Patton … Tyson – Amityville: Evil Never Dies; A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge
  • Jason Vail … Steve Dunn
  • Leah Wiseman … Rachael Dunn
  • Andrew Wicklum … Andy Dunn
  • Elizabeth Mears … Tristen
  • Morgan Monnig … Sarah Dunn
  • Erika Edwards … Maggie
  • Suzie Haines … Home Shopper
  • Tracey de Leon … Neighbour
  • Robert Haulbrook … Lawyer
  • David Ogrodowski … Coffee Patron
  • Mike Gutowski … Realtor
  • Michael David Wilson … Kevin


This marked Mark Patton’s first film in 31 years. His previous film role was in A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge (1985).

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  1. Production company is in South Carolina; address of the psych hospital in the film is in South Carolina; I’m guessing South Carolina!

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