HIM – USA, 2016 – overview

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‘It’s time to play’

HIM – previously known as The Devil’s Warehouse – is a 2016 American horror film directed by Luis Antonio Rodriguez from a screenplay by Humberto Bocanegra. It stars Oscar Javier Gutierrez II, Guillermo Iván and Jason Cabell.

When a businessman fails to keep his end of a deal with the devil, his warehouse becomes haunted. A group of young paranormal investigators decides to spend the night at the warehouse to try and determine if the legends of the haunting are true.

Unfortunately, the group is stalked by a horrifying clown. As evil descends upon the crew, they are forced to fight for their survival or end up the latest victims of… HIM.

HIM was released on DVD by Wownow on April 24, 2018.

Main cast:

  • Oscar Javier Gutierrez II … Larry
  • Guillermo Iván … Freddy
  • Jason Cabell … Senior Security Guard
  • Viva Zworski … Rosie Rivera
  • Melissa Vega … Bonnie
  • Daniela Tiscareno … Car Repo Agent
  • Ozzie Lozza … Exterior Security Guard
  • Natalia Rodriguez … Evil Little Girl
  • Jamie Cortez … Mary Ann
  • Gerardo Sandoval … Jimmy
  • Fidencio Chapa … Robert
  • Okami Misuteri … Evil Female Clown
  • Paul Westbrook … Mr. Pearson
  • Isabel Munoz … Warehouse Lady Worker #2
  • Natalie Bugarin … Melinda


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