BLOODY MOVIE aka TERROR NIGHT (1987) Reviews and overview

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‘Lance Hayward’s acting career may be over …but he’s still knocking them DEAD!’

Bloody Movie – originally known as Terror Night – is a 1987 American slasher horror film directed by Nick Marino (producer of Death House) from a screenplay co-written with Murray Levy and Kenneth J. Hall (The Clown at MidnightEvil Spawn; The Tomb), based on a story by David Riggs. The movie stars John Ireland, Cameron Mitchell and Alan Hale Jr.

Veteran filmmaker André De Toth (House of Wax) apparently co-directed but the degree of his involvement is unknown.

Terror Night was unreleased until 2004 when it finally emerged on DVD with a title change to Bloody Movie.


Lance Hayward, a silent Hollywood movie star presumed dead, appears as various characters, killing a handful of unfortunates, using various weapons…


“With a storyline revolving around vintage movies and appearances by some recognizable has-beens, the film has more of a camp quality than horror. It’s not the worst of the genre, but it’s not the best. It’s a bit simple and unexciting.” Daniel W. Kelly, DVD Talk

Having the killer dress as everything from a swashbuckling pirate to an Arabian Prince keeps things zipping along at a nice pace, and takes the similar idea from Fade to Black (1980), which promised to be a slasher but never really was. It also means that the killer is never short of handy weapons. Terror Night is deliciously gooey.”

“An idea also used by the same year’s Doom Asylum, of incorporating clips from old movies to help move the picture along, makes for fresh-for-then moments that go with the comedic and cheesy edges. A good numbered body count, slapstick and colorful small characters keep things alive while the annoying, cardboard, uninspired cast doddles around.” Josh G., Oh, the Horror!

” …every time someone gets killed, there’s a needless montage of clips of Hayward’s films, posters, and lobby cards interspersed with the murder […] But still, if you want to see lots of character actors getting killed off and 80’s p*rn stars and scream queens getting naked, you really can’t go wrong with Bloody Movie.” Mitch Lovell, Bloody Movie

“The gore is plenty too. Cheap and corny, but bloody. One character is ripped apart, one is decapitated, there’s impalings and strangulations. Not bad at all, but never convincing. It feels like a bloody and adult episode of Scooby-Doo.” Fred Anderson, Ninja Dixon

“There are moments of comedy mixed in with some surprisingly mean-spirited death scenes. Necks are snapped. Heads are chopped off. Bodies are split in half. It all gets rather messy and the presence of all those old time actors makes the sudden gore scenes feel all the more strange.” Lisa Marie Bowman, Through the Shattered Lens

“The mostly amateur and p*rn star cast erotically reveal their bodies and give the pic a goofy flavor, while has-been actors like Aldo Ray (playing a crazy old drunkard), Cameron Mitchell (a detective who is strangled and hung ) and Alan Hale Jr. (a security guard who lives) pick up an easy pay check for their hammy cameos running from 3 to 5 minutes.” Dennis Schwartz, Ozus’ World Movie Reviews

Choice dialogue:

“I’ve got an idea. Why don’t we split up and go in different rooms?”

Main cast:

  • John Ireland – Incubus; Satan’s Cheerleaders; The House of Seven Corpses; et al
  • Cameron MitchellTerror on Tape; The DemonThe Toolbox Murders; Nightmare in Wax; Blood and Black Lace; et al
  • Alan Hale Jr.The Giant Spider Invasion; The Crawling Hand
  • Staci Greason
  • William Butler
  • Michelle BauerHollywood Chainsaw Hookers; The TombTerror on Tape; et al
  • Timothy Elwell
  • Carla Baron
  • Ken Abraham
  • Todd Starks
  • John Stuart Wildman
  • Aldo RayBiohazardEvils in the Night; Star Slammer; Bog; et al
  • Dan HaggertyAxe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan; The ChillingElves
  • Tom Durkin
  • Jamie Summers

Filming locations:

Los Angeles, California

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