Zombie Isle – USA, 2014

‘Welcome to the jungle’

Zombie Isle is a 2014 American horror feature film written and directed by Robert Elkins (Alien Swamp BeastZombie Croc; Backwoods 2: The Revenge of Caleb). It stars Tony Jones, Alyssa Wheaton and Kyle Billeter.

In the late 70’s, a group of college students and their professor venture onto an uninhabited island for a day of exploring flora, fauna and co-ed fun.

The class field trip quickly becomes a grisly nightmare as the students and faculty soon discover they are stranded and the island is crawling with ravenous, flesh-eating ghouls, reanimated as zombies by an insane Nazi scientist who can resurrect and control the dead.

Just when the slaughter levels out, a three-headed abomination comes out of hiding that even its creator can’t control…


” …even if the tongue is firmly in cheek in Zombie Isle, it stays away from ever becoming just moronic but remains a loving (if ironic) homage throughout. So fans of of vintage grindhouse cinema will probably find a lot to like about this movie…” Mike Haberfelner, Search My Trash

“There are moments when the effects are flubbed, mostly by showing the practical effect technique or aspect to clearly, giving away the illusion, but for the most part things work. The color effect and 70’s retro effect can be a bit distracting, but the sound effects dissolve any annoyance and really set things right…” A Southern Horror Fan

Main cast and characters:

  • Kyle Billeter … Amie
  • Dewey Collins … Peter
  • Apryl Crowell … Laurie
  • Susee Garcia … Zombie
  • Riva Gijanto … Crazy Zombie
  • Catherine Goodson … Cindy
  • Leah Gosnell … Edie
  • Crystal Howell … Heather
  • Tony Jones … Professor Grant Foster
  • Jerry E. Long … The Sheriff
  • Jonathan Moody … Gabe
  • Ken Peebles … Crazy Zombie
  • Alyssa Wheaton … Vulnavia
  • David S. Witt … Dr. Claude Von Wolff

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