HOUSE OF HORRORS: THE GATES OF HELL (2012) Reviews and overview


House of Horrors: The Gates of Hell is a 2012 American supernatural horror film written, produced and directed by Daniel Monroe (House of Horrors: The Movie). It stars Danielle Tewell, Codie Kremblas, Doug Bruch, Steve Podosek and Kaitlyn Salamone.

An ancient resurrected evil is loose at Western New York’s largest and most terrifying haunted attraction: the House of Horrors. It’s goal – to forever open the gates of Hell on Earth!


” …some slasher mainstays, a dose of self-irony that’s just enough to not turn the movie into a farce, and plenty of haunted house attraction elements, puts them into a blender, mixes them up quite a bit … and the outcome is a light-footed horror movie with plenty of shocks and creepiness, gory bits and monsters…” Mike Haberfelner, Search My Trash

“If this movie tried to do anything, it was hit upon every key component of the classic horror movie. Children creepily laughing, a masked unknown killer, lots of tits and ass, and demonic interjection saturate the hour and a half film. Yet, this is what cheapens it and makes it stale.” Caitlin Huggins,

“Monroe’s film does have issues, and some that can’t be dismissed or even overlooked rather the scare factors lose to the comic displays, from the ridiculous usage of CGI, when regarding the fires of hell, so misplaced, overdone and just sadly awful. The acting is fair, not heeding to Shakespearean, after all the cast and tryouts are just seeking a season job…” Baron Craze, Rogue Cinema

Choice dialogue:

“C’mon, who doesn’t love a crucified nun?”

Fun Facts:

The film is titled House of Horrors: Gates of Hell on publicity material.

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