Headgame – USA, 2018

‘Dare to play’

Headgame is a 2018 American horror film directed by Steven Judd (Death Factory) from a screenplay by Roberto Marinas. It stars Leonard Roberts, Carly Steel, Chris Hayes and Jamie Hill Fuller.

A group of young people awake, locked inside a warehouse with cameras screwed into their heads. It becomes apparent that they are unwilling competitors in a deadly game, and they will need to murder each other if they hope to survive…



“The story here is one that is fairly-predictable, though with an ultimate twist that, while feeling wholly unsatisfying and somehow superfluous, almost forcibly leads toward a sequel. That said, for what it is and despite its own shortcomings, Headgame is an enjoyable watch…” Jeannie Blue, Cryptic Rock


Main cast and characters:

  • Leonard Roberts … The Elder – Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series
  • Carly Steel … Elise – The Malibu Tapes; Fear Not; Asylum (2008)
  • Chris Hayes … Kris – Ulterior Motives: Reality TV Massacre; The Crying Dead; Beneath the Dark
  • Jamie Hill Fuller … Jackie
  • Edward Gelhaus … Mike – American Horror Story TV series
  • Cameron Bowen … Keith – Death Factory
  • Sidney Allison … Cat
  • Pressly Coker … Cameron
  • Connor Ross … Nick
  • Hannah Marie Hines … Sarah
  • Liv von Oelreich … Leah
  • Marina Orlova … Mariel
  • Manny M. Hernandez … Carlo
  • Jacob Hobbs … Victor
  • Owen Meyer … Anton


In the US, Headgame was released on Blu-ray and DVD by Gravitas Ventures on February 20th, 2018.

Filming locations:

  • Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Metropolis, Illinois, USA

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