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‘Arouse the dead’

Ghost Team One is a 2013 American comedy found footage horror film directed by Scott Rutherford and Ben Peyser from a screenplay by Andrew Knauer and Arthur Pielli.

When roommates Brad (J.R. Villarreal) and Sergio (Carlos Santos) accidentally arouse the dead, they team up with sexy amateur ghost hunter, Fernanda (Fernanda Romero), to expose the evil inside their home.

However, just as the guys start to get close to their attractive new female partner, they discover that a horny demon wants in on the action…


“Sure, it’s spoofing elements from some well known horror movies but it’s never trying to mimic or make fun of certain well known scenes from any of those movies. It makes this movie less predictable with all of its comedy and therefore often also more fun and creative to watch than the average genre spoof.” Boba_fett1138

“Not every joke works, but none fall distractingly flat for three reasons – first, Santos and Villarreal have absolutely impeccable comedic timing, second, the duo never breaks character so even when a gag isn’t laugh-out-loud-worthy, it still feels natural, and third, every single cut in the film facilitates the humor.” We Got This Covered

“A mostly directionless plot, miserably developed and single-minded characters, and an ending that’s far too bizarre even for a movie of this style, it’s hopefully just Ghost Team One-and-done and try to forget it ever happened.”

” …there are certainly plenty of laughs, but absolutely no scares to be found. That said, Peyser and Rutherford do achieve a fairly high level of realism from their actors, despite the ridiculous situations; Carlos Santos, J.R. Villarreal and Fernanda Romero all give admirable performances — as does Tony Cavalero, who plays Chuck, the perpetually angry third housemate.” Smells Like Screen Spirit

“Sure there are some funny bits – a line about sucking the demon out pretty much made me fall to the floor laughing – but the jokes are mainly of the goofy frat house humor sort. Frankly I thought the film would have been better served to eliminate the found footage trope entirely – and just tell the story as a story.” Cinema 365

“As I have no sense of humour when it comes to comedy-horror movies, spoofs or otherwise, I hate to say it, but I was slightly entertained by Ghost Team One in a low-rent Men Behaving Badly (British version, naturally) way. It’s well written, the drama is nicely done, and the characters are stupidly amiable but harmless enough.” Doctor Blood’s Video Vault

“Apart from one or two memorable jokes, like when Sergio calls Brad “the Kobe Bryant of [email protected],” the film is just dead-light-bulb dumb. The characterizations are so one-note, and the plot, such as it is, is so tired that it feels like the film’s creators were obligated more than they were compelled to finish the film.”

There’s nothing to learn or gain from this film, as the only point is to make you laugh­—and that it does. By spoofing horror movies such as Paranormal Activity and The Exorcist, director’s Scott Rutherford and Ben Peyser take this film to the next level of film parody, but with their own great clever bits and sense of humor.” Slug magazine

Choice dialogue:

Brad: [Talking about an Ouija board] “It’s not a game!? It’s made by Hasbro, dick!”

Cast and characters:

  • Carlos Santos … Sergio
  • J.R. Villarreal … Brad
  • Fernanda Romero … Fernanda
  • Tony Cavalero … Chuck
  • Megan Falcone … Becky


Ghost Team One was released in theatrically on October 11, 2013.


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