HELLMOUTH (2014) Reviews and overview

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‘He carries death… and a shovel!’

Hellmouth is a 2014 Canadian horror film produced and directed by John Geddes (director of Exit Humanity; Scarce; producer of The Hexecutioners; Septic ManMonster Brawl) from a screenplay by Tony Burgess (The Hexecutioners; Ejecta; Pontypool). It stars Stephen McHattie, Siobhan Murphy, and Ari Millen.

Gravekeeper Charlie Baker (Stephen McHattie) is assigned to tend to a mysterious cemetery. Charlie’s routine journey to his new place of employment turns out to be a dark and fantastic voyage through a Gothic landscape, filled with demonic forces, and a life-altering encounter with a beautiful woman he must try to rescue from the bowels of Hell…

Hellmouth is currently available to to watch free online via Tubi


“The film came across, to this viewer, as an exercise in the use of greenscreen, with story elements an addendum. At its core, the film is missing a reason to be. It is also missing compelling conflicts and an internal message. And, this viewer wonders if the film was developed from one of Burgess’ nightmares. If yes, his nightmare required more thoughtful analysis and interpretation.” 28 Days Later Analysis

” …Hellmouth features McHattie starring in the hero’s role and seeing an upper-middle aged man in such a role in this day and age is rare. McHattie is fantastic here and the film really highlights both his range and depth of talent. Hellmouth may not be as powerful as Pontypool, but it still is a stunning feat in visuals and proof that if done with an artistic touch, CG can be effective in horror.” Ain’t It Cool News

” …the largest gifts that Geddes bestows upon the audience here are the mind-blowing visuals – throwing fans back to the 1950’s with a look and feel that runs head-long into a Frank Miller Sin City freight train […] Demons, smoke-enveloped ghouls, and the ferryman on the river Styx are nightmarish in appearance, although you do have to allow some CGI to have its way with you.” Dread Central

” …the entire film is a heightened reality both literate and goofy. Lines like “If you step back, you cannot see yourself. I stepped too far back,” play well in this head-space. I was rooting for Charlie to get himself to a good place, but I could certainly do with less CGI ‘establishing shots’ and over-baked computer modelling that occasionally flirts with taking over.” Screen Anarchy

Main cast:

  • Stephen McHattie … Charlie Baker / The Barda
  • Siobhan Murphy … Fay
  • Ari Millen … Harry
  • Tony Burgess … Tips
  • Mark Gibson … Sheriff Ryan
  • Boyd Banks … Fred Whinny
  • Bruce McDonald … Paul Kemp
  • Julian Richings … Freddy T Neville
  • Adam Seybold … Mr. Praut
  • Kate Fenton … Mrs. Praut

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