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‘Based on true events’

The Devil Complex aka The Devil Within is a 2016 British found footage horror film produced and directed by Mark Evans (writer and producer of Forest of the Damned 2 and assistant producer of Gangsters, Guns and Zombies) from a screenplay co-written with Caroline Riley (The Ganzfeld Haunting). It stars Maria Simona Arsu, Patrick Sebastian Negrean and Marius Dean Munteanu.

In November 2012, Rachel Kusza (Maria Simona Arsu) and her team of filmmakers travelled to Transylvania to document the Hoia Forest (known as the Bermuda Triangle of Romania) which has an alleged dark history of strange occurrences, ghost sightings and countless cases of missing people…

The Devil Complex is currently available to watch free online via Tubi

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“The main problem is the massive letdown of when we actually get into the forest. Thereafter the film becomes about the three trudging around the woods in the snow. That is about it. Towards the end, we get a couple of deaths and lots of shaky cam and yelling that is supposed to indicate panic, before the camera abruptly goes dead…” Richard Scheib, Moria

“It’s nearly an hour long wait before the start of any discernible tension, and when it does come into play, there’s a nagging lack of any tangible evil. The manifestation in the film is such a vague entity that it’s so hard to become absorbed by it, and that ultimately leads to Evans’ film failing, irrespective of its notable beginnings.” Dave Wain, The Schlock Pit

“The film is interview filler for about the first 30 minutes. They walk through snow into the forest and get lost because they don’t have a map. Seriously? Someone smarter than a fifth grader (or not) could have stepped up and said, “Hey! We made those tracks. Let’s follow them back.” Nope. The film offers no closure, or much of anything.” Michael Ledo

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Main cast:

  • Maria Simona Arsu … Rachel Kasza
  • Patrick Sebastian Negrean … Tom Steiner
  • Marius Dean Munteanu … Joe Gruber
  • Bill Hutchens … Mr Dogaru
  • Tom Bonington … Professor Howard Redman
  • Adrian Carlugeo … Professor Popescu

Fun Facts:

The film is also known as The Devil’s Forest


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