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‘Be careful what you dream for’

Fatal Premonitions is a 2017 American anthology horror feature film written and directed by Matt Watts (Violence on Demand) and produced by Daniel Del Pozzo and Thomas Lebec. Mark Polonia executive produced and has a cameo role. The movie stars Kyle Valmassy, Sarah French, and Jake Blackmore.


“Karl is a troubled young man. He has survived an attack from a masked killer, endured sleepless nights haunted by terrible apparitions, and been the target of demonic possession. In an attempt to get his life back together, Karl seeks the help of a therapist to work through his issues. But as he relives his ordeal, he realises his struggle may not be over…

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“Full points then to Matt Watts for actually shooting Fatal Premonitions with a camcorder and presenting the movie in all its full frame, analogue glory. The visuals here are convincing simply because they’re authentic. The fact that he chose to do completely practical effects work in the film also helps.” Rock! Shock! Pop!

Fatal Premonitions is available on a Blu-ray from SRS Cinema that includes an audio commentary by writer-director Matt Watts, blooper reel, trailers for all three shorts, and trailers for other SRS Cinema releases.

Main cast and characters:

Kyle Valmassy … Karl – Land Shark
Sarah French …Stacy – The Amityville MurdersLake of Shadows; Ouija House; Land Shark; Chainsaw Maidens from HellMarilyn Monroe: Zombie HunterZombie Pirates; Insectula!; et al
Jake Blackmore … Sam
Anastasia LaBelle … Vicky
Matt Lawson … Alex

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