ALL LIGHT WILL END (2018) Reviews and overview


All Light Will End is 2018 horror feature film written, produced and directed by Christopher Blake Johnson (short: Something Evil This Way Comes). The movie stars Andy Buckley, Sarah Butler, Alexandra Harris, Sam Jones III, and John Schuck.


When a capricious young author hiding a dark secret returns home for her brother’s graduation, she finds herself haunted by the past and tormented by grimly night terrors…


“The gore factor here is nothing extreme and the close-ups are hardly horrifying or truly grotesque, but what All Light Will End lacks in splash factor it makes up for in tension. So, while it’s not scary or even creepy, this is a movie offering that builds an engaging tension with its solid script.” Cryptic Rock

” …All Light Will End is a thrilling journey with some very visceral moments awaiting viewers. Horror fans will find comfort in how things twist and turn making for an enjoyable experience. Embracing a few past influences, All Light Will End is an eerie twisting ride.” HNN

“The use of flashbacks was too much, especially towards the end when they were used to re-show the audience important details throughout the film, rather than as plot fillers from Savannah’s past. Flashing back to a moment in the beginning of the film is unnecessary, especially when we just saw it minutes before the flashback montage.” Allen Howard

“The first half of this film is so strong that I couldn’t dislike it, but there’s a distinct sense of disappointment when potential is squandered quite this badly. Still, it’s entertaining on a style-over-substance level, at least…” Tom Morton, Tom Morton

“Overall, by the time the hammer drops in All Light Will End, it becomes somewhat confusing but still engaging. Some may have already thrown in the towel before then, I hung in there for the twist I felt coming. I could sense there a sub-plot underfoot. In spite of it being a little rushed in finally bringing it all to light, I think this isn’t a bad film.” Mother of Movies


“This film packs some terrifying dream sequences, a thought provoking mystery, and a wonderful lead performance from someone I expect to be a breakout star someday soon. I think there’s a lot to love about this film, and it’s one I’ll be wholeheartedly recommending to those who enjoy films on the more cerebral end of the slasher spectrum.” Nightmarish Conjurings

Cast and characters:

  • Andy Buckley … David – Jurassic World; Blood Trail
  • Sarah Butler … Dianna – Nightmare NurseI Spit on Your Grave and Vengeance is Mine sequel; The Demented; Twisted Tales TV series; Love Vampires TV series; Flu Bird Horror
  • John Schuck … Psychiatrist – Demon Knight; The Munsters Today TV series; My Mom’s a WerewolfThe Halloween That Almost Wasn’t
  • Sam Jones III … Adam
  • Alexandra Harris … Faith
  • Katie Garfield … Kelly Rae
  • Ted Welch … Jack
  • Bill Billions … Doorman
  • Aaron Munoz … Stache
  • James J. Fuertes … Kaylee’s Dad
  • Rich Redmond … Chris Isaac
  • Graham Outerbridge … Paul
  • Kate Kilcoyne … Kaylee
  • Briana Tedesco …Young Savannah
  • Iain Tucker … Billy and Bo

Fun Facts:

The film was originally known as The Ancients

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