The Demented – USA, 2013 – overview



The Demented is a 2013 Amerian horror film written and directed by Christopher Roosevelt (producer of Ninja Cheerleaders). The film stars Kayla Ewell (The Vampire Diaries), Richard Kohnke and Ashlee Brian.


Six college friends unite for a weekend getaway where they find themselves fighting for their lives after a terrorist attack turns the local residents into rage infused zombies…


Reviews [click links to read more]:

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first gore free zombie film! And it’s really, really bad! Three couples meet up for a fun weekend.

Couple 1 – the very American, very politically correct boy and girl who are deeply in love and very annoying.

Couple 2 – the obligatory ethnic couple.

Couple 3 – the obnoxious rich couple with no morals whatsoever.

These people get chased by ‘zombies’ who are really mad. Probably because they have to walk around wearing smears of Ketchup, not even being allowed to nibble on those awful people. The worst thing you get to see is a scratch. Seriously. Avoid.” Dirk H, Letterboxd

“The film does win the award for possibly the worst CGI ever used in a movie, when a rocket lands near the house, it looks like the director of this .. movie? might have used the paint programme on his laptop to edit this sequence.” Better Than IMDb




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