Penny Pinchers: The Kings of No-Budget Horror – USA, 2017

Penny Pinchers: The Kings of No-Budget Horror is a 2017 American documentary film directed by Dustin Ferguson (Meathook Massacre and sequel; Amityville: Evil Never Dies; Camp Blood 4 and 5; et al).

Press blurb:

“An eye-opening documentary detailing the trials and tribulations of no-budget horror filmmaking, featuring some of the world’s leading directors in the genre!”

Includes interviews with:

  • Todd Sheets
  • Donald Farmer
  • Tim Ritter
  • Todd Jason Cook
  • Dustin Ferguson
  • Lloyd Kaufman
  • Christopher Seaver
  • Johnny Dickie
  • Phil Herman


“Ultimately, budding filmmakers are likely the ones who will get the most out of this documentary; though it still makes intriguing viewing for the casual movie fan, where it offers a view into the proverbial sausage factory. There is enough of the nitty-gritty on display without it soaking up the fun, and Penny Pinchers keeps a sober head about the subject while showing warmth for the horror genre.” Dave Heath, Cryptic Rock

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