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‘Strike three: You’re dead’

Billy Club is a 2013 comedy slasher horror feature film written and directed by Drew Rosas (Blood Junkie) and Nick Sommer. The latter stars alongside Marshall Caswell, Erin Hammond and Max Williamson.


Fifteen years after a gruesome triple homicide devastated their Little League baseball team, four friends reunite to commemorate their dead coach and fallen teammates.

A mystery unfolds as the secrets from their past return to haunt them and a vengeful killer, hidden by an antique umpire’s mask, returns to even the score…


Billy Club is a slasher that does a pretty solid job of capturing that 80’s vibe. It has some of the best editing I have seen, some good laughs, cool practical effects (I just wish there were more), and a fun little twist in the final act. I don’t know if this warrants multiple viewings (unless your with friends), but if you know what you are in for you can have some fun with it.” Adam the Movie God

“The visual template of the film is adeptly complimented by the balance the script achieves between horror, comedy, and absurdity. The film is funny, especially early. The script gives us easily likeable characters and develops them very quickly, something many horror films try to do, but take forever when trying. This lets the action develop very quickly with characters like and have an interest in, almost immediately.” DreadWorld

Billy Club understands what is wants to be and makes the most of it managing to excel beyond its limited budget and modest beginnings. Many larger budget, even studio driven, films have trouble getting the slasher genre as well as Billy Club does.” HNN

“Overall, the film was first-class, a solid slasher flick. Nick Sommer, wearing multiple hats in this film, along with his writing/directing  partner, Drew Rosas, hit an unyielding double-play (to use little league vernacular). Not quite a home run, but for young directors, Billy Club is a very strong step in what looks like a promising career.” Influx magazine

“The directing/writing duo of Drew Rosas and Nick Sommer’s love for 80s slasher films comes shining through in a horror movie that is better then it has any right to be. Tributes to 80s slasher films are nothing new, but if they at least got one thing right it was a great back-story with a gimmicky killer.” Mr DuLac

“You’d expect a film so ripe in so many places to be equally as gory and we are treated to some outrageous kill scenes […] Whilst the chase sequences are suspenseful and the bogeyman does have that hulking Jason Voorhees-like frame, the best chills for me came from the discovery of the killer’s lair and the childlike score that accompanied it.” A Slash Above…

Billy Club is a great revenge horror with everything to please horror fans. Sommer and Dunlop provide huge laughs for the film. Every moment with them provides great entertainment. We are also given a strong female lead in Erin Hammond. Apart from the laughs come excellent and gory kills.” Slasher Studios

“Aside from the acting, the execution is all great. It’s a well-shot, well-directed film with a great killer and fun kills. Unfortunately, when the script is bad that doesn’t matter.” Wicked Horror

Main cast and characters:

  • Marshall Caswell … Bobby Spooner
  • Erin Hammond … Alison McKenzie
  • Nick Sommer … Kyle Tripper
  • Max Williamson … Danny Evans
  • Mark Metcalf … The Umpire
  • Mathew Dunlop … Devon

Filming locations:

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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