THE SANDMAN (1995) Reviews and overview

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‘He gives us dreams… and steals our souls!’

The Sandman is a 1995 American supernatural horror film directed by J.R. Bookwalter (Mega Scorpions; Polymorph; OzoneThe Dead Next Door) from a screenplay co-written with Matthew Jason Walsh. It stars A.J. Richards, Rita Gutowski, Terry J. Lipko and James Viront.

Something is murdering the residents of a small-town trailer park – something big, with glowing red eyes! When insomniac novelist Gary (A.J. Richards) catches a glimpse of something strange next door to him late one night, he becomes embroiled in a quest to find out why everyone around him seems to be dying in their sleep…


”  …wait until you see their pathetic excuse for a title creature, which consists of a hooded monk’s robe, light-bulb eyes, and cheap skeleton hands. This flick is so terminally boring you wanna take a pick ax to your TV (or better still, Bookwalter’s squishy l’il head), while utilizing the highly touted “film-look” video processing (which only makes it look like a color-drained, fourth-generation dupe).” Steve Puchalski, Shock Cinema

“The titular character only really appears at the climax, which is wise because the monster costume is really awful and had me bursting into laughter when it appeared. However, while this film suffers from the usual problems associated with independent cinema, a little more fun than usual is injected into the proceedings so it’s not quite one of the worst.” Leofwine_draca

“J.R. Bookwalter is known for low budget straight-to-video movies, from no-budget ones like Robot Ninja to 8mm epics like The Dead Next Door. The lack of budget (and maybe the lack of talent…) on his movies is usually replaced by good old blood and gore. The problem with The Sandman is that it have no exploitation elements, no blood, no gore and no nudity.” Ultra Tippergore

Cast and characters:

  • A.J. Richards … Gary
  • Rita Gutowski … Maris
  • Terry J. Lipko … Bud
  • James Viront … Zachariah
  • Barbara Katz-Norrod … Mrs. Martinak
  • Stan Fitzgerald … The Sandman
  • Matthew Jason Walsh … Ozzy
  • Mary Wilkerson … Bizarre
  • Jennifer Barrett … Bimbo Model
  • Lisa Neeld … Bedelia
  • Nicholas Cleland … Pugsley
  • James L. Edwards … Gerald Rivers
  • Lawrence Latsko … Joyner
  • George Abrams … Hershberger
  • Hal Vandersall … Hooper
  • Douglas Bouslough … Merle
  • Jennifer Mullen … Slutty Metal Chick

Film Facts:

Not be confused with other movies of the same name, such as the 2017 Peter Sullivan film

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