THE MEAT PUPPET (2012) Reviews and overview

‘Some men are too controlling’

The Meat Puppet is a 2012 American horror thriller feature film photographed, edited and directed by Joe Valenti from a screenplay written by Billy and Joseph Pepitone, based on a storyline by Keith Collins. The latter stars, alongside Geri Reischl, Brandon Ruckdashel and Gregg Valentino.


Andrew “Drew” Shelton appears to have it all… Looks. Money. Women. But behind that charming smile lies an unimaginable evil. An abusive childhood has turned him into an impulsive, delusional sociopath who has developed an insatiable appetite for beautiful women’s flesh.

As the bodies pile up and a gung-ho detective starts stalking him, Andrew descends deeper into madness. His obsession with one woman might be the only chance to stop him from serving up his next victim. Or will she fall prey and become the next main course?


The Meat Puppet is one of those hidden gems in the film underground that got criminally overlooked […] Really, this is a cannibal horror film in the vein of Manhunter and The Silence of the Lambs that works by making the police angle a simple, well thought out one to accompany a surprisingly dynamic main character and the horrific world brought with him.” Apoch’s Metal Review

“It slowly builds to a climax much in the same way old 80’s thrillers like The Hitcher would. Speaking of “climax,” The Meat Puppet is… sexy. The film features a lot of attractive women and viewers will get to see a couple sets of boobs. Hell, even the lead – Keith Collins – is a stud.” Horror Society

“The most fascinating aspect of the film is Keith Collins’ central character […] He is played as a pathologically charming predator, obsessed with seducing the ladies. Some of the best aspects of the film are the ones where he is describing in chillingly detailed voiceover monologue the various methods he is employing to inveigle women in order to kill them.” Richard Scheib, Moria

The Meat Puppet is a clever little serial killer movie that actually manages to have the audience identify with its villain for the most part of its running time without that feeling just wrong: Sure, Andrew’s a sick bastard, but he’s also extremely vulnerable, he has had a childhood filled with violence that explains a lot about his current behaviour…” Mike Haberfelner, Search My Trash

“The violence is more implied than shown, but still packs a pretty nasty punch just the same […] However, this film’s key triumph is the way it successfully depicts Andrew as a tragic and tormented human monster that the viewer can’t help but feel more than a bit sorry for. An effective little shocker.” Woody Anders

Cast and characters:

  • Keith Collins … Andrew Shelton
  • Geri Reischl … Claire Thomas
  • Brandon Ruckdashel … Detective Dave Benash
  • Gregg Valentino … Tony Randazzo
  • April Hunter … Jade
  • Jamie Kovac … Katt
  • Billy Sample … Captain Michael Corben
  • Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal … Thunder
  • Gary Garver … Gary
  • Daniela Rivera … Terri Costas
  • Billy Garcia … Oscar DeJesus
  • Erik Chopin … Officer Desilva
  • Gervase Peterson … Chris Irvine

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