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‘Fear the road less traveled.’

Edge of Isolation is a 2018 American survival horror film written and directed by Jeff Houkal. The Violet State Productions movie stars Michael Marcel, Marem Hassler, Alexandra Peters and Monte Markham.

Stranded deep in the woods, a young married couple is taken in by an isolationist family, one that lives off the blood and plunder from lost hikers, and they want the couple to stay for the rest of their lives…

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” …the film is constructed fairly simple, yet effective in its barbarism, and those who dig survivalist-horror will be wringing their mitts in anticipation for this one. While some editing does look a bit hokey, the practical effects more than make up for an at-times bit of strewn-about plot navigation, but who’s keeping score?” Dread Central

” …you’ve seen this story before in one form or another. Hicks, cannibals, and a helping of cult – all rolled into one. However, that didn’t stop this from being an excellent film. Special bonus points awarded for being a low budget indie production, that was very entertaining.” IndyRed

” …most of the production elements were well above average and really did push the title forward. The use of practical effects are a high note here. In the world of digital everything, it was nice to see some good old fashioned special effects. It really added to the mood and feel. The cast all felt right as well.” Reel Romp

“The plot may feel a little too familiar but Edge of Isolation manages to keep a tight grip on the tone of the film, maintaining a consistently enjoyable and tense narrative, even if the other elements of the film fall by the wayside.” The Review Geek

Cast and characters:

  • Michael Marcel … Lance O’Brien – Atlantic Rim: Resurrection; Alien ConvergenceEvil Nanny 
  • Marem Hassler … Kendra Ramirez – Don’t Sleep; In the Dark Dark Woods… (short)
  • Alexandra Peters … Caitlin
  • Monte Markham … Ivan Polifer – The Rift; We Are Still Here; Thriller TV series
  • Judi Barton … Mary Polifer
  • Diana Elizabeth Jordan … Ella
  • David Castro … Ramon
  • Jeff Houkal … Vlad Polifer
  • Jan Gass … Paulina
  • Mark McClain Wilson … Security Guard
  • Justin Molina … Sentinel 1
  • Tyler Beardsley … Sentinel 2
  • Wes Tate … Sentinel 4
  • Cael McCarthy … Little Boy
  • Raul Cruz Lara … Sentinel 3

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