THE JURASSIC GAMES (2018) Reviews and overview

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‘Win the games. Win your freedom.’

The Jurassic Games is a 2018 American science-fiction action monster movie written and directed by Ryan Bellgardt (Dinosaur World; GremlinArmy of Frankensteins).

The High Octane Pictures production stars Ryan Merriman, Perrey Reeves and Erika Daly.

In the near future, ten death row convicts are chosen to compete in The Jurassic Games, the ultimate virtual reality game show that pits its players against dinosaurs and each other.

However, there is a catch… If you die in the virtual game, you also die in reality; and for Anthony Tucker (Adam Hampton), survival is his one chance to be reunited with his children after having been wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of his wife.

As the devious The Host continues adding improbable challenges, the characters will find the odds stacked against them as only one victor can emerge as the winner and reclaim their freedom…

“It’s more Sharknado than Jaws, but that’s not a bad thing. If you love silly films that you don’t need to think about too much, you could definitely do much worse than catching The Jurassic Games. Any film where a camera operator is directed to ‘stay on the cannibal’ is ok in my book. Cultured Vultures

” …on the downside, the movie makes little out of the satirical potential the premise holds in droves – but then again, on the upside, it’s also a really good action thriller, one that not only lives from dino attacks but also features plenty of suspense sequences, good character constellations that create tension pretty much by themselves, and loads of fights, shoot-outs and the like, almost never stopping to let one catch one’s breath.” Search My Trash

“Deep it is not, and off the shelf it is in many places, yet contrarily these very elements work for the film rather than against it. With a presentation that moves swiftly and Ryan Merriman’s performance leading the way, The Jurassic Games is simply a fun movie that succeeds in making a point, maybe even despite itself.” Toxic Fletch

“The CGI used for the creatures is of variable quality but is on the better end of the low budget scale most of the time. That’s a good thing because there is a lot of it, with all manner of creatures turning up. A T-Rex and raptors, as well as a sabre-tooth tiger, some very nasty bugs, and even winged critters all, make appearances. While not a threat to the success of its big-budget inspiration, The Jurassic Games is a lot more entertaining than several of that franchise.” Voices from the Balcony

“I have to admit, as a critic who’s very critical of any movie I might someday find on the SyFy channel, The Jurassic Games is better. The love lust name of two franchise films combining together cheapens what is actually a fun movie. Effort was actually put into some quality CGI. Sure it’s too clean cut to be perfect but under the guise of being virtual reality, most of it is forgivable.” Without Your Head

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Cast and characters:
Perrey Reeves … Savannah – Child’s Play 3
Ryan Merriman … The Host – Final Destination 3
Katie Burgess … Joy
Erika Daly … Laura
Adam Hampton … Andrew Tucker
Cate Jones … Stephanie
Rett Terrell … Big Brother
Luke Wyckoff … Albert
Dylan Cox … The Wasp
Lucas Ross … Brian
Bruce Davis … Joy’s Guard
Kaye Brownlee-France … Doctor’s Assistant
Shannon Moree Smith … Protester
Sidney Flack … Doctor Franklin
Rita Scranton … Witness #2

Filming locations:
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Carnage count:

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