ARMY OF FRANKENSTEINS (2013) Reviews and overview


‘The North. The South. The Undead.’

Army of Frankensteins is a 2013 American comedy science fiction horror film written and directed by Ryan Bellgardt (The Jurassic GamesGremlin). It stars Jordan Farris, Rett Terrell and John Ferguson.

This film should not be confused with Richard Raaphorst’s Frankenstein’s Army, made the same year.

After Alan Jones is savagely beaten by a street gang, he ends up at the lab of mad scientist Doctor Tanner Finski and his assistant Igor, a child genius. There, Jones discovers that he is the key to an experiment that involves Frankenstein’s monster. When the experiment goes wrong, Finski sends Jones and Igor back in time to the American Civil War, where an interdimensional portal has allowed an army of monsters to converge…

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” …plenty of scenes that are full of action, with some slick CGI used as the monsters attack soldiers or end up as cannon fodder themselves. There are some superb moments during these gore set pieces, with some imaginative kills on display. The final act is thrilling and amps up the zany nature of an unusual tale.” James Simpson, Infernal Cinema

“About half way through this I started to become a bit fatigued by the overly long and convoluted twists and turns of the movie, but I didn’t hate it. There’s some good gore gags with multiple heads being popped like over ripe tomatoes, heads being ripped off the neck by the monsters and some digital effects that while they weren’t fantastic were entertaining…” McBastard’s Mausoleum

“Ryan Bellgardt’s amateurism shows through particularly in some of the early mundane scenes where people’s overreactions to normal things… The low-budget stretches fairly well, although the film disappointingly opts for digital gore scenes.” Moria

The effects are okay, with the practical effects being superior to the CG efforts. Some of the gore is fun and well done. It’s clear that some care was taken while making this movie. But the story is too feckless, unrealistic and random to ever build any tension or create any drama. It’s also not terribly funny, which for a horror comedy is a death knell.” DVD Talk

“As the film becomes more epic in scope we lose the sense of storytelling and it turns into a genre mashup that the effects, cast and direction can’t quite cope with. From pantomime style acting and almost joke-like false moustaches, the film does stumble and you feel it almost immediately.” UK Horror Scene


Cast and characters:

  • Jordan Farris as Alan Jones
  • Christian Bellgardt as Igor
  • Rett Terrell as Solomon Jones
  • John Ferguson as Doctor Tanner Finksi
  • Raychelle McDonald as Virginia
  • Eric Gesecus as Frankenstein’s monster
  • Gary Olinghouse as Eugene

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