CURSE OF THE SCARECROW (2018) Reviews and now free to watch online


Curse of the Scarecrow is a 2018 British supernatural horror film directed by Louisa Warren (Vikings vs. Krampus; Tooth Fairy; Bride of Scarecrow), who also stars, from a screenplay by Shannon Holiday. The movie also stars Kate Lister, Cassandra French and Tiffany-Ellen Robinson.

After witnessing their parents murder as infants, June and Carl have held a deadly secret throughout their entire lives, a secret that none will believe.

Years later, June is back to investigate the family home after her estranged brother Carl’s mysterious suicide. As she walks the grounds and inhabits the house, June learns that the Scarecrow who came to take her family is walking once again and is seeking revenge on the town…


Curse of the Scarecrow did not have redefining elements to its narrative. Yet, the psychological, slasher and supernatural web snared my attention. The characters remain cultivated and illustrated with a strong effort. Sure, there is a hint of poor dialogue but the tale flows well. Screenwriter Shannon Holiday did solid work of placing and establishing detail to the sub-plot.” Decay Mag

“Painfully dull at every juncture, Curse of the Scarecrow is full of scenes of these people talking to each, settling into a predictable rhythm of shots alternating between two talking heads, only occasionally broken up by badly staged scenes of violence.” Monster Hunter

“Scattered with some truly interesting ideas and visuals – the shot of one of the scarecrow victims […] lying on the floor, face covered in blood, mouth stuffed with straw and a crow sat on his/her cheek is simply inspired – Curse of the Scarecrow is ultimately let down by a lack of characters for the titular monster to kill. It’s a simple as that.” Nerdly

Main cast and characters:

Kate Lister … June Sommers – Fox Trap; Unhinged
Louisa Warren … Nancy Holders – Tooth FairyUnhinged
Cassandra French … Karen Spencer
Tiffany-Ellen Robinson … Chanel – Mummy Reborn; The Bad Nun; The Howling aka Screams of the Night
Tim Freeman … Dean
Tommy Vilés … Carl Sommers
Darrell Griggs … John

Full film free to watch online:

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