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black magic 2

‘The ‘walking dead’ are the most deadly!’

Black Magic 2 is a 1976 Hong Kong supernatural horror film directed by Ho Meng-Hua (Oily Maniac) and produced by the Shaw Brothers (Seeding a a Ghost; Inseminoid; Human Lanterns).

The movie stars Ti Lung, Lo Lieh, Liu Hui-Ju, Lily Li and Lin Wei-Tu.

The film is a sequel to the previous year’s Black Magic, also directed by Ho Meng-Hua. It was released in the US in 1982 by World Northal as Revenge of the Zombies and proved to be a box office draw.

On 11 June 2018, Black Magic 2 was released on Blu-ray in the UK by 88 Films.

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Mysterious zombies run amok while baffled doctors try to find out why. The zombies vomit, melt, spontaneously combust, explode and could be abducting the local lady folk.

While the doctors look for a natural explanation the real cause appears to be supernatural…


“Delivering a steady stream of bizarre and gruesome sights (including bodies infested with live wriggling worms, cursed victims dissolving into putrescence in a matter of seconds, and undead sycophants controlled via spikes driven through their heads), this offers a great introduction to HK horror, while also eerie and outlandish enough to engage those familiar with this sub-genre…” By John Charles

“It’s colorfully – sometimes very stylishly – photographed, fast-paced, tasteless and often highly imaginative… and there is a ton of gore.” The Bloody Pit of Horror

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Black Magic 2 has everything that was great about Black Magic, only more. This means more gratuitous nudity, more gore, and more out and out nuttiness. The only thing Black Magic 2 has less of is anything resembling a logical story or even a dash of common sense.” Coffee, Coffee and More Coffee

“Things get a little bit sluggish around the halfway point when the evil sorcerer forces the hero scientists into a black magic-fueled love triangle. But stick with it because the last half hour or so is almost as nutty as the first […] Black Magic 2 made my jaw drop numerous times throughout its 90-minute running time; a hearty recommendation to be sure.” The Video Vacuum

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Release date:

Released on 9th December 1976 in Hong Kong.

Original title:

勾魂降頭 aka Gou hun jiang tou