PLATOON OF THE DEAD (2009) Reviews and overview


‘The ultimate axis of evil… dead!’

Platoon of the Dead is a 2009 American science fiction horror feature film directed by John Bowker (Twisted Illusions 2; Werewolf Tales; The Evilmaker and sequel; et al). The Pipedreams Entertainment production stars Ariauna Albright, Tom Stedham, Chris Keown

The film was released on Blu-ray by Tempe Digital on May 18, 2018. Special Features include:

  • Director’s audio commentary
  • Behind-the-scenes featurette (25 mins)
  • Cast and crew interviews (7 mins)
  • Zombie House tour (7 mins)
  • Tough Tom’s Movie Boot Camp (4 mins)
  • Blooper reel (6 mins)
  • Deleted scene (3 mins)
  • Optional English subtitles
  • Tempe Digital trailers

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In the distant future, man’s greatest enemy is one another as the flesh-eating undead wages war against the living! A Marine platoon is ambushed during a mission, leaving only three soldiers alive to fend off the growing army of the living dead.

En route to their pickup point, the platoon come across an abandoned house with three mysterious women hiding inside. If they can make it through the night, they’re home free… or so they think, because someone is hiding a dark secret that may alter the course of this gore-drenched war…


” …has a fair few enjoyable twists and ideas in it. A perfect Sunday morning hangover movie; its unchallenging, freewheelin’ approach makes it fun and easy viewing.” Blood Capsules

“The acting is a bit shaky, and delivered sarcastically at times when the character is seemingly trying to be serious. Bowker’s Platoon of the Dead has not as much gore as most zombie flicks contain, and the low budget gross-out props are put together quickly but do kind of get the point across of what exactly is coming out of a zombie or human body.” Joanna Rose, Horror News

“The soundtrack is bad, actually it’s pretty annoying. For a zombie film there ain’t many zombies… There is virtually no gore, the special FX are a joke, there are some practical FX and a few digital visual effects, such as laser fire and disintegrating bodies.” Independent Flicks

Platoon of the Dead has a painful amateurism on almost every level. The film feels exactly like it was shot in and around someone’s house […] a film that avoids almost every opportunity for any kind of makeup effects, which are almost requisite for any effort setting out to be a zombie film.” Richard Scheib, Moria

Cast and characters:

  • Ariauna Albright … Heather – Twisted FatesOrgy of the Damned; Dark House; The Telling; BloodlettingPolymorphAncient Evil: Scream of the Mummy; et al
  • Tom Stedham … Sergeant Butler – HazMat; Gut MunchersBlood Creek Woodsman; Torment
  • Chris Keown … Lieutenant Roberts – Blood Creek Woodsman
  • Michelle Mahoney … Stacy
  • Tyler David … Private Dillon
  • Amanda Bounds … Jill
  • Jonathan Jacoby … Jacoby
  • Lewis Franklin … Rescue Soldier

Filming locations:

Corvallis and Peoria, Oregon