MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT (2016) Reviews and overview

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‘Pray these strangers don’t come calling’

Minutes to Midnight is a 2016 American slasher horror feature film directed by Christopher Douglas-Olen Ray (Circus Kane; Mega Shark vs. Kolossus; 2 and 3 Headed Shark Attack) from a screenplay written by Victoria Dadi (This House is Not a Home) and Christopher M. Don. The movie stars William Baldwin, Bill Moseley, Richard Grieco and Dominique Swain.



A group of seven friends have no idea of the dangers that lurk near their small ski lodge. They hope to have an exciting and enjoyable time on New Year’s Eve. However, a local legend is emerging from the underbrush. Someone knows about this killer’s past and these seven friends must discover more about this hunter, before they face his brutal blade…


Minutes to Midnight is a decent film, but there is nothing spectacular about it that the viewer will remember long term. So, while the story is interesting and the characters are relatable, this is more of a film to sit back, relax, and enjoy while it is on-screen rather than pondering after the closing credits.” Cryptic Rock

“Sure, it’s nice to see gory practical effects, and the masks are kind of cool (even if the baddies are ones you’ve seen before, even if you’re not well versed). There’s also some nifty looking weapons made of remains. But for the most part it feels old fashioned in a bad way, with a talented cast (including William Baldwin and Bill Moseley) being wasted on hacky material.” Horror Cult Films


“Fans of Hatchet (2006) and its sequels may enjoy this film too. It certainly has the right feel. Minutes to Midnight is loaded with violence, gore, and nudity, as one would expect from a woodsy slasher film. Genre fans should definitely take note…” Indie Horror Online

“Despite marketing that references The Strangers, this is a pretty straight forwards backwoods slasher. Right down to the “surprise” revelations of old injustices and just who is related to whom. For what it is, Minutes to Midnight is pretty good. There’s plenty of kills and practical effects, characters that won’t stay dead and bare skin.” Voices from the Balcony

Minutes to Midnight falls victim to all the horror movie clichés from extended shower scenes, illogical decision making, unrealistic characters and over the top performances. It’s as completely illogical as its choice of weapons but it also has just as much fun.” Without Your Head

Main cast and characters:

  • William Baldwin … Mr. Walters – The Purge TV series;The Craigslist KillerFlatliners
  • Richard Grieco … Sheriff Wyatt – Art of the Dead; Halloween Pussy Trap Kill! Kill!Evil Breed: The Legend of Samhain; Raiders of the Damned
  • Bill Moseley … Gimple – 3 From Hell; Boar; The Mangled; Death HouseAmerican Exorcist; The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2; et al
  • Viva Bianca … Emily – Scorned
  • Christopher Judge … Ranger Taso – Knock ‘Em Dead; ReaperSharknado 3: Oh Hell No!
  • John Hennigan … Travis Crenna – The Most Dangerous Game
  • Dominique Swain … Chloe – Dead MaryNazis at the Center of the EarthSharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre
  • Mercy Malick … Calypso
  • Bryce Draper … Michael
  • Sara Fletcher … Sophia
  • Jena Sims … Tiffani
  • Diana Terranova … TBC
  • Kaiwi Lyman … Charlie Crenna
  • Macey Cruthird … Heather
  • Jared Cohn … Richie – director of The Domicile; The Horde; Little Dead Rotting Hood; 12/12/12; et al


Minutes to Midnight was produced by DeInstitutionalized, LLc and is presented by ForeverMaur Films and Possum on the Half Shell Productions.

Filming locations:

Remmet Studios, Canoga Park, California
Sable Ranch – 25933 Sand Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, California


Uncork’d Entertainment released Minutes to Midnight on VOD on July 3, 2018.

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