Burnt Offering – USA, 2018 – overview

‘Evil comes in many forms…’

Burnt Offering – formerly Schoolhouse – is a 2018 American horror film produced, scored and directed by Steven Perez from a screenplay co-written with Jennifer Perez. It stars Scott Rosenfeld, Paige Hullett and Cameron Chester.

As four teenage graffiti artists run from the police, they hide in an old abandoned schoolhouse. Unfortunately, the teens quickly discover that someone else is already using the building for their own dark purposes…

In the USA, Burnt Offering is released on DVD by MTI Home Video on October 23, 2018.

Cast and characters:

  • Scott Rosenfeld … Joseph
  • Paige Hullett … Shannon
  • Cameron Chester … Marcus
  • Daniel Annone … Vic
  • Christian Scholfield … Jay
  • Michael Anthony Bagozzi … Luke
  • Amber Neukum … Amy
  • Tyler Buckingham … Kyle
  • Chris Charm … Officer Martin

Production companies:

Blackhall Entertainment Ventures
Barred Owl Productions

Filming locations:

Atlanta, Georgia, USA


This movie should not be confused with Burnt Offerings (1976).

2 Comments on “Burnt Offering – USA, 2018 – overview”

  1. A cop picks up a flirtatious drunk girl who snubs her angry boyfriend.When 4 teenage graffiti artists run from the cops one night and take refuge in an abandoned schoolhouse,theybfind a dying guy and the cop seed them,kills one who tries to run and chases the others.They liberate 2 active girls,onrvis so nuts she pokes one of them in the eyes,then the cop appears and slitahis throat.It transpires the cop is running a sort of religious cult in the schoolhouse with his captive women,some of whom don’t like it.Thr chase is on.One guy is caught and the cop sacrifices him in a ceremony.His buddy shows up and fights the cop and the good captive girl,apparently the drunk from the prologue,stabs the cop to death and saves the last guy.She gets the last graffiti guy outside as morning comes and runs to get help since he’s having trouble walking.Inside,the dead cop’s mother suddenly shows up to take over the cult and the movie ends.A weird idea that starts out good but is so poorly done you don’t even understand why anything is happening.It needs a rewrite!

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