TERRORTORY (2016) Reviews and overview


‘When they said don’t go in the woods they meant here’

Terrortory is a 2016 American anthology horror feature film written and directed by Dan Doran, Kevin Kangas and Mark Wenger. The movie stars Nadia White, Bianca Allaine and Johnny Alonso.

A sequel, Terrortory II, was released in October 2018.

The segments are:

  • The Midnight Clown
  • The Prowler
  • Smiling Jack
  • The Drone Collector
  • Siren
  • Gotz


“Acting and direction throughout the film are competent without being anything special. Writing is good as far as it goes […] So as with most portmanteau films there are some good and some bad sections, and a lot of that will be down to taste. The biggest problem for me with Terrortory is the similarity of the segments.” Full on Fear

Terrortory is a prime example of movie making, and now distribution) becoming completely democratic. I applaud Amazon Prime for being somewhat of a champion of this movement […] I was more entertained by this than some other movies that I watched during this month.” The Main Damie

“One episode included adult star Nadia White for the token topless scene. The first episode has nude model Meadow Bosworth in a see-through gown wanting meat. The film showed some clever writing, unfortunately the execution left something to be desired.” Michael Ledo


Terrortory is currently available via Amazon Instant Video in the USA and UK

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