DEATH WORM aka THE GREAT BEAST OF SHENNONG (2020) Reviews and overview


Death Worm is a 2020 Chinese action-adventure film about a massive creature that lives underground. Also known as The Great Beast of Shennong

Directed by Rocky and Huang Siyuan, the movie stars Zhang Bonan, Zhao Shuai, Feng Weiqiang and Matsuoka Lee.


In order to treat his family’s inherited blood diseases, Deng Lao of the Jianqiang Biopharmaceutical Company commissioned an expedition team of seven people to go deep into the Shennongjia forest area.

According to the data, traces of ancient creatures, possibly even humans, were found in the virgin forest in northern Shennongjia. The ancestor of the savage, the savage possesses the most primitive and complete and excellent genes of human beings, which can be used by humans for the regeneration of hematopoietic stem cells.

For this reason, the expedition team once again dived into the secret realm of Shennong, the primaeval forest, and tracked the whereabouts of the savages in Shennongjia based on clues. Facing the harsh environment of overlapping mountains, dense forests and rampant insect vectors.

Baozi, Shanhe, Captain Tu, Jingyi and others encountered cave bats along the way. Unidentified prehistoric beasts attacked and finally entered Shennongjia after nine deaths, but they never thought that a greater crisis would ensue, and everyone was once again in a thrilling situation…

In the face of the emergence of mysterious wizards, will there be a chance of escaping to heaven? The thrilling jungle escape in front of disaster is about to be staged, and a battle between Shennongjia savages and prehistoric behemoths will begin.

Original title:

地藏龙神农巨兽 “Dizang Dragon Shennong Giant Beast”


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