TRIASSIC WORLD (2018) Reviews and free to watch online


‘Some things should remain extinct!’

Triassic World is a 2018 American science-fiction horror feature film about dinosaurs that escape a research lab used to grow human organs.

Directed by Dylan Vox, making his directorial debut, from a screenplay written by Marc Gottlieb (Alien Convergence; Planet of the Sharks). The Asylum production stars Shellie Sterling, Joseph Harris, Hayley J. Williams and Thomas Varga.


Dinosaurs are back, used as the perfect animals to grow human organs for transplants. But in doing so, scientists have made them all but indestructible, leaving humans scrambling to fight back when the prehistoric creatures escape a research lab…


“It’s not gonna deliver too much in the way of greatness, but it avoids many of the problems other Asylum offerings suffer from (see as Tomb Invader and Atlantic Rim 2) and provides a decent creature feature in a compact amount of time. If you want a low-risk, low-yield movie to put on, this isn’t too bad of a choice.” Allusions of Grandeur

“The CG special effects looked great for this company, save for maybe a couple of shots here and there, and to top it off, much like with Age of Dinosaurs, they surprisingly used quite a bit of gorgeous practical effects as well and they looked great too […] The acting is great as well, by Asylum standards, and even though the script isn’t anything to write home about I don’t need it to be for this type of movie either.” The B-Movie Shelf


“The CGI monsters for once aren’t a joke and some of the scenes look like practical effects might have been used as well. There’s some decent gore including a head being torn off that keep the proceedings interesting. There’s even some reasonably good attempts at building suspense along the way.” Voices from the Balcony

“The dinosaurs, especially the closeups, actually look decent for a low budget feature, and the gore is surprisingly solid, but it’s another movie plagued by completely unlikable and irritating characters. Why is it so hard to give us somebody to root for in these things?? The cast, including a budget Tom Cruise and Tilda Swinton, do what they can with the material.” Warren Gilbert


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