SNIPER CORPSE (2018) Reviews and overview

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‘Deadly, trained killers… but no one told them they were dead!’

Sniper Corpse is a 2018 British science fiction horror feature film written and directed by Keith R. Robinson (SilverHide). The Other Dimension Films production stars Tony Eccles, Gareth Gower, Kit Smith, and Jordan Murphy. Howy Bratherton provided the voice of the titular resurrected soldier.


Unscrupulous politicians have secretly been resurrecting British soldiers killed in combat to use them for top secret missions. However, the widow of one of the undead soldiers is determined to uncover the truth behind the conspiracy.

One of the resurrected soldiers offers to help her uncover the truth on the condition that he is given a proper burial, which has disastrous consequences for everyone involved…

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“Robinson made all the right decisions to avoid Sniper Corpse becoming just another ho-hum, low budget zombie flick. All in all, Sniper Corpse exceeded all the expectations I had for the film. Even though I would’ve liked to have seen a bit more in terms of action, the film’s delightfully cheesy, B-grade aesthetic more than makes up for it.” Crypt Teaze

” …the heart of the story just doesn’t feel meaty enough to justify the 80-minute running time. It feels a little repetitive in its attempts to wake up the soldiers as well as retreading the same plot without it developing any further. Its dedication to gore will please many but part of me feels the movie itself would be tighter as a shorter film…” Horror Cult Films

“If you come into this thing expecting a masterpiece of some sort, then you’re bound to walk away from it with your head shaking somewhat vigorously, but if you’re willing to give Sniper Corpse a chance to impress you — both for what it is as well as how much more it is than it could be […] then it’s sure to do so.” Trash Film Guru

“There is a fair amount of action, but there’s also longish stretches between some of them. They’re fairly well done, with effects that are a mix of practical and some bad CGI. Especially the helicopter that looks like it flew in from an early Playstation game. It’s no classic, but Sniper Corpse is an engaging film…” Voices from the Balcony

“This is a fun and fast-paced one that is more interested in making the zombies more human rather than an ominous end to mankind. For some nice zombie drama, even as The Walking Dead keeps inflicting nausea on all of us, see Corpse Sniper.” Zisi Emporium for B Movies

Filming locations:

Kent, England


8 Comments on “SNIPER CORPSE (2018) Reviews and overview”

  1. Comments are now closed on this now. Post your ranty stuff elsewhere guys. This site is not the forum. We welcome healthy debate but petty abuse and baiting is for sad social sites. In the meantime, if anyone would like to send a screener of Sniper Corpse we’ll review it… maybe. Seems there’s too much personal politics around this movie?

  2. Sorry to say, but this is a horrible film. With a premise like this I can’t believe they messed this up. Even though the actors seem very good they couldn’t make up for a lame script.

  3. Please ignore bad reviews! They are being left by immature and bitter persons who are trying to sabotage this wondefully acted film. Thank you to those who actually have put in the effort and who think they are not-too big for there boots- to show up to the southend horror fest. Immaturity gets you nowhere in this industry thank you!!

    1. I wish someone had plucked my eyes out before I’d seen this! This is a shocking waste of time and money; another bottom feeder I sat through. I would gladly say this is the worst film ever but, the previous offering from this lot, “Silverhide” was even worse. If for a moment you could imagine Universal soldier filmed by a Donkey in a field mounting another Donkey at night then that would be close to the mark. There is not one single, original concept in this whole attrocity they call a film and it shows. The visualusation was clearly produced by a sock puppet inside another sock puppet. And re-enforce this point, some of the dialogue has been recorded through a two way radio. It is totally unintelligible so you are unable to follow any lingering doubt of a plot. What you hear is some rambling monologue of white noise. I also have no idea what was going on with the score, some of the audio effects were clearly composed by pre-schoolers. At least that gave me a bit of a laugh. The only people I do feel sorry for in all this are the actors, who were clearly given no direction whatsoever (This Director hasn’t a clue). You can’t even feel for the characters as they have no redeemable qualities and are portrayed as dead pan, featureless entities. If you want to waste money on this abomination then good luck to you. That’s 84 minutes of my life I won’t get back; you’ve been warned! I give this a rating of 0.

      1. Unprofessional, as per usual. Never again. Stop fighting other people’s battles, this isn’t your career that us being wasted down the drain

        1. I am a professional and I can critić any way I want to. You on the other hand are a bottom feeder. I have friends in the film industry from the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, France and the Netherlands who are already on notice about this pile of shit. They will be giving reviews also. How are you going to manage that? On top of that, my FB Groups have over 10,000 members and I instructed the teams that I want them to also review the film. You picked a fight with the wrong guy. As you now know. It’s my turn!

        2. I have no idea who you are. I have nothing to do with the film industry or this film. I paid hard earned cash to see the pile of crap. As for being professional, I’m a College Lecturer by trade and I have all the professional qualifications and post nominals associated to my role. I doubt you could say the same.

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