Before Someone Gets Hurt – USA, 2015 – overview

‘It was all fun and games’

Before Someone Gets Hurt is a 2015 American supernatural horror film directed by Shane Barbanel from a screenplay co-written with Brian Herskowitz. The movie stars Michael Welch, Alexandra Turshen and Aaron Sauter.

Tim and his Ghost Investigations team are the rising stars of the paranormal game. One thing they all like better than a good haunt is a great prank. When the team arrives at a new investigation, they cannot figure if the occurrences are part of some elaborate master prank or if the house is actually haunted. Unfortunately, they don’t find the answer until it is far too late…

Before Someone Gets Hurt was released by Gravitas Ventures on digital VOD in July 2018.

Cast and characters:

Filming locations:

New York State

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