Eyes of the Dead aka 6:15 – USA, 2015

‘Kill or be killed’

Eyes of the Dead – aka 6:15 – is a 2015 American horror feature film written, directed by and starring Ben Samuels (Kantemir). The Red Hound Films movie co-stars Rosebud Baker, Matt Riker, Montana Marks (Camp Dread), and Amy Rutledge (Neighbour).

Eddie and Carla, an emotionally troubled couple, struggle to survive with their friends after a deadly outbreak turns farmhands into ravenous zombies.

The POV film was released on digital VOD platforms on August 24, 2018, via Blue Fox Entertainment.


“Writer/director Ben Samuels and company earn accolades for an inventive approach to a twice-told and then some tale, and bonus points for a spectacular practical effect of conjoined zombie piglets.  But actors inexperienced for the task at hand coupled with uneventful act two interludes make 6:15 a more routine zombie film than its premise promises.” Ian Sedensky, Culture Crypt

“On a positive note, the gore effects are frankly pretty spectacular […] You will find a few good scares, but certainly nothing to keep you up at night. Initially, I will say that the filmmakers eked out a bit of unease and dread (in the cornfields), but the terrible depiction of the government agencies (all throughout the film) was an annoying distraction.” Michael Klug, Horrorfreak News

Filming locations:

Pennsylvania, USA

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