THE DOLL 2 (2017) Reviews and overview

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‘What do you fear?’

The Doll 2 is a 2017 Indonesian supernatural horror feature film produced and directed by Rocky Soraya (SabrinaMata Batin) from a screenplay by Riheam Junianti and Fajar Umbara, based on Rocky Soraya’s storyline. The Hitmaker Studios production stars Herjunot Ali, Luna Maya, Sara Wijayanto and Maria Sabta.

The movie is obviously a sequel to The Doll (2016).

Maira and Aldo live happily with Kayla, their youngest child and Yani, their maid. But a tragic car accident takes Kayla’s live away and also their happiness. Maira becomes bleak and Aldo drowns himself in work.

Six months later, on the day of Kayla’s next birthday, Maira feels that she is not alone. The sound of doors opening at night, a broken TV turning on by itself, and the sound of a child calling for her.

Sabrina, Kayla’s favourite toy doll is also often found in odd places. Elsa, her best friend, advises her to try to communicate with Kayla using Sabrina the doll as a medium…


“The cliche antics […] are a real problem, with killers that don’t die from traditionally mortal wounds, ghosts that pop up out of nowhere or possessing the innocent to seek their revenge. These issues are what hold this one back. While there are some overall fun aspects to Doll 2, some of the flaws might be more damaging and detrimental as those are big enough.” Asian Movie Pulse

“The template for The Doll and The Doll 2 (and yes, also Sabrina) does feel like it’s the exact same […] I will give this sequel credit for having a stronger cast and much better sound and visuals. The use of CGI is very limited (as it was in the first movie), which is very good. The practical effects work very well and don’t distract from the story.” Heaven of Horror

Cast and characters:

Herjunot Ali … Aldo

Luna Maya … Maira – Sabrina; Devil’s WhisperHi5teria

Sara Wijayanto … Laras – SabrinaThe Doll; Tarot

Maria Sabta … Elsa

Rydhen Afexi … Bagas

Ira Ilva Sari … Yani

Mega Carefansa … Doctor Dini

Shofia Shireen … Kayla

Wati Sudiyono … Sumi

Princess Martinez … Shera

Dea Rizkyana … Possessed Girl

Ferdian Ariyadi … Possessed Girl’s Father

Syntia … Possessed Girl’s Mother

Wafa … Possessed Girl’s Sister

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