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‘A film with guts. Lots of guts.’

My Lovely Burnt Brother and His Squashed Brain is a 1988 Italian underground horror feature film written and directed by Giovanni Arduino [as Jay Jay Hard] and Andrea Lioy.

A badly burnt heroin addict is turned into a zombie after he gets injected with infected urine by his mentally-disturbed sister…


Giovanni Arduino’s shot-on-video My Lovely Burnt Brother and his Squashed Brain festers somewhere between the grotty workmanship of early Olaf Ittenbach (Premutos; The Burning Moon) and the undiluted conviviality of David “The Rock” Nelson, while at the same time ignoring the direct narrative approach of the former and the pure fun of the latter.

It’s astonishing that this mess required two people, Arduino and Andrea Lioy, to direct, with Arduino once again pitching in to co-write the script with Andrew Giulietti. Moreover, it’s hard to believe there actually is a script. Full of atrocious acting, juvenile scenes, large swaths of time devoted to frivolous skits designed specifically for the beardless crowd, it’s obvious this pimply eyesore was carelessly mashed together in order to appeal to an angsty middle-class youth culture pretending to be disaffected by a comfortable lifestyle.

Although the film is pure ‘80s trash of the most tedious kind, it’s lifted slightly by the addition of several tracks from Faces, Italian garage band The Sick Rose’s 1986 debut album. Do yourself a favour; skip the pathetic movie and buy the aforementioned songs instead.

Ben Spurling, MOVIES and MANIA

Other reviews:

” …the movie suffers from a schizoid tone and a lack of editing […] Even at 65 minutes long, My Lovely was a chore to get through. Rambling inside jokes, empty spaces of nothing (a guy eats popcorn and watches TV for almost five minutes), and the strong odor of misogyny (“You sluttish bitch!”) deflated all of the fun.” Joseph A. Ziemba, Bleeding Skull!

“Purposely goofy and bad in ways that almost goes beyond terrible into the realm of the cult. Almost.” The Worldwide Celluloid Massacre

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