ZOMBIEPURA (2018) Reviews and overview


‘Fear the marching dead’

Zombiepura is a 2018 Singaporean comedy horror feature film written and directed by Jacen Tan. The movie stars Alaric, Benjamin Heng, Rayve Zen and Edward Choy.

When a mysterious virus breaks out in an isolated army camp, a lazy reservist soldier and his tough commander must work together to survive, and learn what it means to be real soldiers…

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” …Tan’s style is a shade too mindlessly gentle for a genre built upon incisive socio-political commentary. Lacking the insight of George Romero, the deft cultural recasting of Train to Busan, or even the working-class comic drollness of Shaun of the Dead, Zombiepura is an affable though toothless zombie romp.” High on Film

“Jacen Tan deserves credit for developing some amusing new twists to the established zombie conventions. However, his characterization could still use a little work. There is not a darned thing about Tan Kayu that is appealing or interesting, but we are forced to spend nearly the entire film with him. Likewise, despite Chen Xiuhuan’s bright screen presence, there is not much personality to Susie.” J.B. Spins

” …this is a uniquely Singaporean take on the genre, such that some of the references to NS life will be lost on someone unfamiliar with it. But we were genuinely amused and entertained by its unique blend of NS and ‘zombie movie’ tropes.” Movie Exclusive


Singapore on October 25th 2018.

Cast and characters:

Alaric … Kayu
Benjamin Heng … Siao On
Rayve Zen … Chua
Edward Choy … Captain S.K. Yap
Crispian Chan … Private Richard
Adam Lee … Soldier
Richard Low … Mad Dog Lee (2018)
Haresh Tilani