WEEVIL (2018) Overview


‘How loud can you scream when all life has been sucked out?’

Weevil is a 2018 Australian horror feature film written and directed by Mark Lipkin. The Lipkin Films production stars Joshua Charles Dawe, Sheridan Morris-Flynn and Alex Given.

Black Mountain National Park in Queensland, Australia, has long harboured a strange history, from masses of missing livestock that have wandered onto the mountain to unusual disappearances and reappearances of local townspeople.

One such case involved members of the entire Wahldrov family, who were never found. Cassian Wahldrov returns back home to the town of Black Mountain, following the disappearance of his autistic younger brother Manny. Together with his sister Mae, both set out to find him. Their efforts are quickly overshadowed by a strange force that both splits them up and slowly picks them apart…

Cast and characters:

  • Joshua Charles Dawe … Cassian Wahldrov
  • Sheridan Morris-Flynn … Mae Wahldrov
  • Alex Given … StanislavAlan Ashby … Arvid Wahldrov
  • Haydn Evans … Detective McKendrick
  • Alfred Krause … Mahrell
  • Stuart Daulman … Manny Wahldrov
  • Zoe lee Blake … Girl in Cafe
  • Ayrton Burridge … Boy in Lake
  • Alex Kelly … Male Hiker
  • Mick Preston … Cafe Manager
  • Jessica Streicher … Female Hiker

Filming locations:

Black Mountain National Park, Queensland, Australia