‘Some doors are not meant to be opened’

Shadow of the Missing is a 2016 American/British comedy horror feature film mockumentary directed by Jamie Lee Smith from a screenplay co-written with David Campion and Maria Antonietta Mendez. The Global Rockstar productions movie stars Doc Benson, Rhodri Thomas and Jamie Lee Smith.

A group of young filmmakers is attending a film festival in Wales; they come across an abandoned church, and hear music coming from inside. Somewhat unnerved, the group retreats back to the hotel.

The next day, they share their encounter with several comedians also attending the festival. After some goading and teasing, the entire group decides to return to the church in order to solve the mystery. Complications arise, however, when one by one, members of the group start to disappear. Only the footage remains to tell their tale…

Main cast and characters:

  • Doc Benson … The Priest
  • Rhodri Thomas … Cameraman
  • Jamie Lee Smith … American Festival Attendee
  • Liam A. Matthews … Crowd Member
  • Kelvin Guy … Festival Coordinator
  • Tom Gripper … Interviewee
  • Matthew Rees … Interviewee
  • Rhianna Morgan … Crowd Member
  • Ceri Evans … Film Student
  • David Campion … British Festival Attendee
  • Gary Slaymaker … Comedian
  • Rhys McLellan … Festival Guest 3
  • Robert Lloyd … Interviewee

Filming locations:

Llanelli, Wales